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The Legacy of Tril: Soulbound (English Homework)

No description

Ravin Simon

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of The Legacy of Tril: Soulbound (English Homework)

Characters & Background
Rising Action
Falling Action
The Legacy of Tril: Soulbound
Kaya is a sixteen year old Healer who feels like being a Healer is not enough. She's sent to a school she doesn't want to go to and realizes her soulbound barron is dead. Her and her family are in hiding because her parents were forbidden to marry but did it anyways. She tries to learn how to fight and be a Barron (a fighter/warrior) but the school she goes to won't allow her to learn or be a Barron since she was born as a Healer.
A Barron who lost his soulbound healer so now he has to be bound to Kaya. He ends up falling in love with her only to find out the biggest secret in the school possible. He's one of the best barrons in school.
An "unskilled" (or so he says) who made it as the best teacher for barrons at the Shadow Academy. He has an attitude towards Kaya for a
no one knows why. When he sees Kaya for the first, it's not the most pleasant way to meet someone. He ends up having to save her from a Graplar.
Starts out in Kaya's home village, Kessler (where they live amongst the unskilled in secret as barrons and healer). Then it changes to the town of Tril where Kaya attends the Shadow Academy to learn how to be a healer.
Kaya and her best friend, Avery, go to the annual Harvest Festival like they always do. Although it started out great, everything went black when a Graplar showed up and started attacking the villagers. Kaya's father (a barron) went after the Graplar after it started chasing Avery into the forest. When he came out, the Graplar and Avery were dead.
A letter comes from the Headmaster Quill, politely requesting her attendance at Shadow Academy, or her parents would be killed. Despite offers from her parents to flee, Kaya is determined to go to Shadow Academy to learn how to protect herself from the Graplar monsters that attacked Kessler. That's where she is told her soulbound barron was killed in battle and that she need to be bound to a barron whose healer has died also.
Kaya meets Trayton and they instantly connect. The next day after meeting him they get bound together. Later she asks Trayton to train her to be a barron, but him being the type of guy who always follow the rules and never gets in trouble, he rejects her and asks her to never ask him to do that again. She gets frustrated and asks Darius instead. He ignores her but she's reluctant and constantly keeps asking him and giving him reasons on why he should do it. Eventually he starts training her secretly and she starts to wonder on whether or not she should tell Trayton (he already has his suspicions on why she keeps disappearing). Darius also tells her the truth about how he is actually a barron and that his healer dies but he hasn't be bound again.
One day, out of nowhere a Graplar secretly jumps over the walls (the walls that are supposed to keep them out and keep the students safe) and attack every person in sight. Kaya grabs her katana and starts to go after it. She ends up freaking out and somehow kills it without realizing it. What she also didn't realize it the the Graplar bit her leg and some of the venom from its saliva seeped into her. She thinks about going to Trayton and asking for help but knew that he would start asking questions. Instead she sneaks over to Darius'. He ends up letting her inside and rubbing some herbs on her injury. When he went to change his shirt because her blood got on it she saw a bright red barron mark (red barron marks mean that his healer is still alive and near). When she leaves his house Trayton sees her from the dorm building.
Somehow Graplars are getting over the wall and this time a bunch of them came. Kaya grabbed her face mask, so no one would recognize her, and her katana and set out to the field. She was slicing Graplars left and right, when out of nowhere someone jerks off her mask and turned her around. When she looked up she saw that it was Trayton with hurt and betrayal in his eyes. Trayton turned her and Darius in to the headmaster. Maddox (Kaya's guard) as put as a guard for the wall, so she got a new guard who is more strict and uptight, and Darius left for a month to get his head straight.
As Kaya was searching the wall for a way the Graplars were getting in, she got hit in the head with something. When she woke up she realized her hands were tied behind her back and in front of her was her teacher Instructor Baak. She was trying to use Kaya to lure Darius back to the campus to avenge her daughter's death (Darius was supposedly her daughter's barron). Turns out she was working with the Graplar king and he gave her a pendant that allowed her to control the Graplars, she was the reason why the Graplars kept coming. Instead of Darius showing up, Trayton showed up and tried to save Kaya but I.B. stabbed him with a dagger.
Kaya used Trayton's katana to slice the twine and tried to fight off I.B. as she reached for the blade she also tried to heal Trayton's wound. She quickly cut I.B.'s arm and anxiously tried to heal Trayton as she felt him slipping away. Then, Darius closed his hand over her shoulder to get her attention and draw her towards the Graplars standing behind I.B. As one of the Graplars went for Kaya I.B. orders it to stop (she keeps having these moments where she imagines as as her 14 year old daughter who died). Darius got on his knees and begged for forgiveness from I.B., Kaya realized that she just lost Trayton.
As Kaya and Darius are fighting Graplars together and Trayton is now healed and is fighting as well. Kaya and Darius are trying to find I.B. so they can get that amulet and get the Graplars to leave the academy alone. As they fight together Kaya tells Darius that she never wants to see him again because he put her and her family at risk with the stunts that he pulled towards her. At some point as they were fighting, Kaya lost Darius and went looking for him. Then something grabbed her ankle and she looked down to see Darius covered in blood and injured. She put her hand over the gash in his forehead hoping she would be able to heal him (healers can't heal anyone but their own bound barron). He was dying and she knew it, but what she didn't know or expect was the warm and tingling feeling of her healing powers being used on Darius. Then the bleeding stopped and there wasn't a gash anymore.

Turns out she was actually his soulbound healer and he knew it from the beginning. From the day that he first saw her he knew it. And now Kaya knows it.......
and Trayton just witnessed it.
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