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debate fundamentals

No description

Christine Magpayo

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of debate fundamentals

Asian Parliamentary Debate What is a debate? --it is a formal method of argumentation and persuasion-- The two opposing teams: Government proposes and defends the motion Prime Minister (PM) -opens the debate, defines the motion, sets the parameters and advances arguments- Deputy Prime Minister(DPM) refute at first instance the case of the opposition, re-establish the government's claim, and advances arguments; Government Whip(GW) makes an issue-based rebuttal of the opposition's case and summarizes the case of the government. Opposition refutes and negates the motion Leader of the Opposition(LO) responds directly to the case of the government by giving a direct clash, and advances arguments. May challenge the motion if the definition is challengeable Deputy Leader of the Opposition(DLO) refutes the case of the DPM, reestablishes the case of the opposition, and advances an argument Opposition Whip (OW) makes an issues-based rebuttal of the government's and summarizes the case of the opposition. Order of Speeches Prime Minister (7mins.) Deputy Leader of the
Opposition (7mins.) Deputy Prime
Minister (7mins.) Deputy Leader of
the Opposition (7mins.) Government Whip (7mins.) Opposition Whip (7mins.) Opposition Reply (5mins.) Government Reply (5mins) The 3M's in Debate MATTER (40) substance of the debate, the arguments and evidence presented, and the logical reasoning and presentation of said arguments. MANNER (40) METHOD (20) the style of delivery, the persuasion skills, and the conduct of the debaters the response to the dynamics of the debate, and the observance of the rules of debate
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