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Mustapha Elghoul

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of 13

Chapter 13
Chapter 13 spoke about the country under the leadership of our 6th president, Andrew Jackson. He was a great leader but made some mistakes during his presidency. Many people hated him but others, including Mr. Nack, love him. He set up the Spoils system, which was and still is very controversial, as it is a type of corruption. He also set up many controversial tariffs. Andrew Jackson proved that an ordinary person could rise to power and become president. Varying Viewpoints spoke about how controversial Jackson's presidency was and how many people dont agree with him.
"Nullies" in the South
This subtitle is significant because it speaks about the "nullies" who wanted to secede from the US after the abominal tarrif.
The Trail of Tears
The Trail of Tears was a trail Indians were forced to go through to be moved so expansion was possible.
Andrew Jackson
7th US President
War Hero
John Quincey Adams
6th US President
Son of John Adams
Corrupt Bargain
Henry Clay
Helped set up many compromises
Tariff of 1833
Ran for president 4 times but never won

1.Explain the significance of Jackson’s victory in 1828 as a triumph of the “New Democracy”.
Jackson's victory showed that an ordinary person could be president.
2.Describe and explain the growth of the “New Democracy” in the 1820s.
The New Democracy was the belief that an ordinary person could be a government official or even president.
3.Access the positive and negative impact of the new popular democracy
1. Rise of the "Common man"
2.More people voted
1. Jackson's usurpation of Power-monarchy
2.Spoils system
R- Society for Propagating the Gospel Among Indians
E- Spoils System
P- People believed that Jackson had too much power
S-Trail of Tears
"The new president cut a striking figure—tall, lean,
with bushy iron-gray hair brushed high above a
prominent forehead, craggy eyebrows, and blue eyes."
This quote explains the appearance of Andrew Jackson, a former general.
"Under Jackson the spoils system—that is, rewarding
political supporters with public office—was introduced
into the federal government on a large scale."
The spoils system was a very controversial system that Jackson put into place.
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