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Digital fundraising: Blurring the boundaries between giving and living.

Institute of Fundraising (Scotland) Conference 2011.

Stuart Glen

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Digital fundraising: Blurring the boundaries between giving and living.

charity: water
Digital fundraising –
Blurring the boundaries
between giving and living.

Stuart Glen
Kilbryde Hospice
Stuart Glen
Fundraising Manager
Kilbryde Hospice
Tel. 01698 717260
Email. stuart@kilbrydehospice.org.uk
Website. www.kilbrydehospice.org.uk
LinkedIn. www.uk.linkedin.com/in/stuartglen
Diigo. www.diigo.com/user/stuglen23
Foursquare. www.foursquare/stuglen
Instagram. @stuglen
Google +. Stuart Glen
Twitter. @stuglen
Social media
Mobile phone fundraising
nfp Synergy
1. Become as distinct, competitive and appealing as the best commercial brands. Charities compete with an individual’s personal and leisure spending as much as with other charities.
2. Demonstrate and communicate value-for-money and impact, so that donors can see how their contribution makes a difference to clients and beneficiaries.
4. Offer a wider choice of giving products which match donors’ motivation. For example, some donors want giving centred around social interaction such as challenge events and others around the impact of their donation.
7. Stress what a donor can expect out of the giving experience: this might be about the emotional return of giving, the recognition process or the involvement. The more money people give, the more they want to be involved.
5. Blur the boundaries between giving and living – create more active and rewarding lifestyle events, from fun runs to peak challenges, from dinner parties to midnight walks. The best social fundraising makes it unclear whether people are primarily fundraising or primarily having a great time.
6. Make donors stakeholders, with a real say in how they give and how their money gets spent. While this does not mean that donors have the final say in how the money gets spent, it does mean that their views are really important.
8. Appeal intensely to specific, defined target audiences. A lukewarm appeal to the general public is worth far less than a burning passion amongst a key demographic or attitudinal group.
10. Integrate the experience of giving time, money or activism so as to retain loyal supporters able to give different things at different life stages, from nursery to nursing home. Giving and volunteering are better seen as one activity which focuses on giving time or money, depending on life-stage, circumstances and wealth.
9. Woo more big givers, corporate and individual, via the offer of recognition and the opportunity to change both their own lives and the lives of beneficiaries.
3. Engage donors by motivation and giving ‘products’, as much as on the basis of demography and wealth. Donors like and respond to opportunities to give where the price, the rewards, the package and the relationship are all clearly set out.
Online fundraising
Paul De Gregorio - @pauldegregorio
Damian o'Broin - @damianobroin
Conor Byrne - @conorbyrne
91% of UK adults own or use a mobile phone.

There are 23.7 million residential fixed landlines in the UK.
There are 33.1 million 3G mobile subscriptions in the UK.
Beate Sørum - @BeateSorum
Social gaming
Jon Waddingham - @jon_bedford
Steve Bridger - @stevebridger
Online video
Video will account for 90% of online traffic by 2014.
Facebook has more than 800 million users worldwide.
50% of the mobile internet traffic is for Facebook alone.
@lizjonessomalia I’m speaking English slower. I’m speaking English louder. Still these people don’t understand me.
@lizjonessomalia I saw a man with a solid gold machine gun today. I wanted to take a picture using my Hipstamatic app but Aasiya told me to leave him alone.
@lizjonessomalia Very hard to get quotes on the record. Most people too weak to talk, or too distressed to be comprehended. Frustrating.
Retail therapy
Groupon will reach sales of $1 billion faster than any company in history.
Every minute 24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.
80 million people play Farmville.
#wasteofink or #noshitsherlock
83% of the UK use the internet.
More than 630,000 lenders.
More than $250 million.
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