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Ultrasound Technology

Senior Quest Project & Presentation

Tyler Webb

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Ultrasound Technology

By Tyler Webb Ultrasound Technology What is Ultrasound? A New Discovery New Techniques My Project Improved Techniques Understanding the
Technology Invented by Dr. Ian Donald in 1957 Only a year after its invention, it was tested on a pregnant woman Treatment of broken bones & fractures Nerve block guidance My mentor is Misti Queen Being able to fully understand the machine Understanding what is going on By doing ultrasound technology as my project I learned so much. DeJaurgui, Ruth. 100 Medical Milestones That Shaped World

History. San Mateo: Bluewood Book, 1998. Print. Works Cited Dr. Chuck Giangarra performing a
nerve block Images generated by sending an alternate electrical current across opposite plates (DeJauregui). Relies on the principle of "Ultrasonics" Originally used for medical diagnosis Started out as a small branch of physics Used mainly to find and diagnose tumors Successfully identified the baby along with other features Sex Age Movement Heartbeat Acupuncture IV prep & training ICU & "ICU-sound" Protocol Shoulder Pathology Bone Stress Tool Osteoarthritis management Lithotripsy Ovarian cyst diagnosis Dentistry Physical Therapy Spent over 30 hours with her Learned valuable information about ultrasound technology. Medical Terminology Basics & Fundamentals Job Skills To understand what everything means To see images I never imagined I would see Watching the
Ultrasound Procedures What the purpose of their ultrasound is? Learning valuable information about the
ultrasound machine Watching New
Procedures If this is done correctly the patient feels less pain & needs less pain meds. Saving the hospital money on prescriptions Job Skills This project let me see what I was going to get into
later on in life. Learned information & gained skills that I can keep for life. Watching & Learning
Unconventional Methods Being able to watch a successful nerve block Ultrasounds performed during surgery Being able to witness the DaVinci Medical Robot Ebraheim, Nabil A. M.D. Suprascapular Nerve Block. Professor & Chairman Department of Orthopedic Surgery University of Toledo Medical Center Identifying Images Using 3D ultrasound to identify the baby Baby at 9 weeks identified with 3D ultrasound Identifying Images Twins at 8.5 weeks Baby at 33 weeks identified with 3D ultrasound
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