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Dreams and Hopes Animal Farm

No description

Roberto Arguello

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Dreams and Hopes Animal Farm

Adrian De la Garza & Roberto Argüello Quote 1 Quote 2 Napoleon by now has ruined everyone else's dream. Old Major sets the dreams in the other animals in the farm.

Their dreams throughout the story start to be corrupted by the leaders in the farm.

Napoleon modifies laws depending on what he think is better for him.

Napoleon and the other pigs control what the other animals think.

Animals are to focused on their dreamed life that don't realize what Napoleon is really doing. Animals are being fooled by Napoleon and they will never be able to reach their dreams and hopes.

Still forced to work a lot and they aren't compensated fairly. (Windmill)

Aren't living freely.

Pigs are portrayed as intelligent but Benjamin knows what's going to happen.

No one actually listens to Benjamin

The animals' dreams stay mainly the same throughout the story, but Napoleon's desires do change as the story develops “Only get rid of Man, and the produce of our labour would be our own.” “Soon or late the day is coming, Tyrant Man shall be o'erthrown” “Here is my toast:
To the prosperity of The Manor Farm! " Dreams and Hopes The songs the animals are taught show how the path of Animal Farm is being changed from a paradise-like place to a dictatorship. Old Major is telling to the rest of the animals the dream he had while sleeping and the hopes he has. Animals are friends, men are enemies Old Major proposes rebellion against humans. The Farm as a whole has one dream. Getting rid of Jones would make many of the animal's dream come true. Beasts of England expresses all of what the animals want, and shows what they want to remove from the farm. Hope to live together in the field of England. Quote 3 His selfishness forced him to change the farm's name, and now he is even negotiating with humans. He is not willing to help the others animals hopes and dreams come true. Betrayed other animals when talking and walking like human. Quote 4 "All that year the animals worked like slaves." Before Snowball's expulsion, the farm was going in the right rack pleasing most of the animals Their dream of less working hours was being crushed by Napoleon The animals were still happy because they were aware that their work was for the benefits of themselves. Kept good hopes. If animals didn't volunteer to work, then their rations would be reduced Quote 5 "Then we have won back what we had before." After Frederick and his men invaded Animal Farm, many of the animals were harmed. Although Napoleon didn't even fought, Squealer said they had won due to the leadership of Napoleon. Squealer is celebrating they won their territory back. Boxer wasn't sure of the celebrations. It is clear that he wants a change. Boxer knows that the harsh rules and long working sessions will continue after the victory. Animal Farm Animals were not fairly rewarded. Questions What was the biggest factor that made the farm animals’ dreams change throughout the story?

What would’ve happen to the dreams and hopes of the animals if Snowball had stayed at the farm and had overthrown Napoleon?

What were the differences of Snowball’s and Napoleon’s influence towards the animals hopes of their future life?

Do you think if Boxer was any smarter, would he have made a difference to the outcome to the story?

Does Napoleon relate to anyone from history and what are the characteristics that make it so?
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