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Greek Mythology Allusions in Modern Teen Literature

Greek Mythology Allusions in Modern Teen Literature

Jessica Gillum

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Greek Mythology Allusions in Modern Teen Literature

Greek Mythology Allusions in Modern Teen Literature Allusions are a reference to things commonly talked about in our society (examples: Cinderella, Shakespeare, and Greek Mythology) (Muniandi) What are Allusions? They commonly help us avoid long, roundabout explanations Allusions help you get a visual image, because you can relate. Allusions just don't have to be words or phrases though, they can be entire story lines. Think about how many different versions of Romeo and Juliet there are.... Where They Come From Many allusions come from Greek fables. (Like King Midas) Many of the settings of the fables though are real, like Ancient Greece. Steve Persall, a studier of allusions, says "Many hero stories have great parallels to Odysseus, since it was essential the first "Hero" story." There can be allusions of a plot development, character development, mythical creatures and many other things. (Muniandi) Modern stories often have similar character development, hero who grow through trials. Examples of Character Allusions made in Harry Potter Hermione in Greek Mythology was the daughter of Aphrodite, an intelligent girl that was a good strategist. See the parallels? ("Mythological") Harry, like Odysseus was looking for his home. He just wanted a place to fit in.
"They [meaning the Ancient Greeks] want to find their proper places in life." (Leeming.) One of the evils that Harry had to fight in one of his journeys were the merpeople at the bottom of the school pond. Fashioned after the Sirens in Greek Mythology they distracted Harry, like Odysseus, from his journey. ("Mythological") Harry Potter allusion examples everything from Hermione, to turning people into ferrets. ("Mythological") The ghosts in Harry Potter also held many parallels to the ones in the Odyssey. They advise about the future, and then leave. Many are still sorrowful about their past. Odysseus talked to one of his men, and his mother. Harry talked to Cedric and his parents, they appeared when he needed them the most. (Muniandi) Circe was one of the witches in the Odyssey, but like the witches and wizards at Hogwarts, she didn't always use her powers for good. Many kids are introduced to Greek Mythology in an early age. From Monsters, Inc., to Shrek, many children's movies contain these allusions. (Suite 101) Kids Cartoons The Little Mermaid "Circe shut them in a pigsty- body, voices, heads, and bristles all [pig-like] now, though their minds unchanged.(Leeming 742) -Mermaids are derived from the idea of Sirens. (Zimmerman) - Ariel's dad was Neptune, the Roman name for Poseidon. (Zimmerman) -The idea of Ursala came from the Greek monster Scylla. (Zimmerman) Circe could be helpful sometimes too. "Odysseus shares her meat and wine, she restores his heart" she then gives him information to help him along his path. (Muniandi) There were so many allusions in the Harry Potter series, I just gave it its own section... Star Wars "Luke fulfills a number of characteristics you see in mythic heroes, like he has special abilities brought out by trying times." says Steve Persall, Star Wars enthusiast. Sound familiar? Think: Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, and Odysseus... The Hunger Games In Greek Mythology there is a coined term of "Battle Royale" a bloody fight to the death. The entire plot of The Hunger Games is the same as the original battle. (Suite 101) There are so many more allusions that I didn't even mention... From product names to music, Greek Mythology fills our lives. I think we use so many allusions in our teen literature because we can relate to the trial the character must face. Steve Persall says, "Ultimately, the hero must stand on his own, face the darkness and conquer it before returning to reality" Plus, who doesn't like a happy ending? Work Cited ( I have 37 if anyone was wondering :) )

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