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Communism in The Lorax

No description

Mariel Machesky

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Communism in The Lorax

Communism in The Lorax
Government controlled labor
Government ownership of transportation and commercial vehicles

Displaying Communist Ideals to Young Minds

Top Investigators:
Mady Zweng
Mariel Machesky

Mr. Petrelli's 6th hour class

The Oncler
The Wall and invasion of privacy
Bread and Circuses
Total abolition of private property
Both Marx and The Oncler's ideals, stripped the "people" of their property without consent. Marx did it for equality whereas, The Oncler did it for his Monopoly.
Criminal History
10 Essential Tenets of Communism
central banking system
government controlled education
government controlled labor
government ownership of transportation and commercial vehicles
government ownership of agricultural means and factories
total abolition of private property
property rights confiscation
heavy income tax on everyone
elimination of free rights
regional planning
Father of Communism

wanted to make world better place
"The theory of communism may be summed up in one sentence: abolish all private property" -Karl Marx
Wanted to benefit everyone with his invention
Became blind to the effects his monopoly had on the residents that he had overtaken
"I'm just going to keep on biggering and biggering and no one is going to stop me!" -Oncler
Government ownership of agriculture means and factories.
Elimination of free rights
The wall around Thneedville separates the citizens from the outside world, similar to the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall.
"The most powerful man in town"
"Things aren't perfect here in Thneedville and they're only going to get
"Everything's fine!" -Mr O'hare
"I'm just building the economy" -Oncler
"Why is he leaving town? Nobody EVER leaves town!" -Mr. O'hare
"Fantastic, made of Plastic"
"There's not much in Thneedville that i don't know about" -Mr O'Hare
"I've got plans, big plans!" -Oncler
"I have eyes everywhere." -Mr. O'hare
"Property of O'hare Inc."
Is the defendant guilty?
All around Thneedville, cameras are installed to keep an eye on the citizens.
A diet of entertainment or political policies on which the masses are fed to keep them happy and docile.
"Its perfect?"
Mr. O' Hare:
Communist Leader?
Communist leaders wanted respect and honor from the people of their country and wanted to reinforce their power over them, so they had statues of themselves and their name all around.
Mr. O'Hare also only wanted to benefit himself, so he had the wall, cameras, and his own personal workers to make sure the people were kept under control.
He wanted power so he disregarded the opinions of the people.
Showed a Capitalist economy with Social Darwinism that ended up including Communist ideas like destruction of private property
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