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Email Marketing!

No description

William Diamond

on 23 October 2017

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Transcript of Email Marketing!

Tools and Possibilities!
Go over these to see what you're trying to do!
Getting Email Opened!
More than 50% of recipients delete their email within ___ seconds! (Good quiz question!)
Go to MailChimp.com! Look particularly at features and the blog! Look at what email can do!
Here's your problem: learn about all of these email resources.
In 20 Minutes!
Then develop EFFECTIVE email for one of the following.
In 20 minutes!
How would you test it?
We'll have groups present for 3 minutes!

Welcoming and Managing Customers over the year through email
A welcome series is really important!
The Motley Fool
From the Essential Guide to email 2013: How Motley Fool Welcomes Customers! If you don't know what Motley Fool is: go to
or better yet,
google Motley Fool
Then read below!
Welcome Series!
Here is an edited webinar about how to run a welcome series!

Is email obsolete?
Email Marketing!
Look at ROI!
What's a good way of improving email?
Says it's about "clickbait" but really about good subject lines!


Dean Rieck (our envelope guy) again:
Email Strategies Backed by Science!
Learn about how to create a welcome series, then learn what Motley Fool is doing!
1. Putting your recipient's name in the
subject line will...
a. Increase Response
b. Decrease Response
c. Who cares?
2. Subject lines should be...
a. shorter than 50 characters
b. 50 to 70 characters
c. More than 70 characters
d. A or C
3. When is the best time to email?
a. 9 am to noon
b. noon to 4pm
c. 4pm to 8 pm
d. 8pm to midnight
e. after midnight
4. What is the best way to get your email opened?
a. Link to a coupon for a wanted product
b. "$5 off anything in our store."
c. Offer a free template or tool
d. A or B
5. As of June 2013, what percent of emails were opened by "mobile?"
a. 22%
b. 47%
c. 63%
d. 84%
6. The best day top send email is:
a. The Weekend
b. Monday
c. Wednesday
d. Friday
This is just incredible!
What's the point?
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