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Copy of The Statue of Liberty

on Ellis Island

Teresa Bond

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of The Statue of Liberty

primary sources
online site
Immigration Day
Story as the Landscape of Knowing
Live Binder
Getting Started
*Unit: Embracing Heritage
*Essential Question: How does our heritage define us individually and as a nation?
*Lexile Number: 1050
*Interdisciplinary Activities

Our School
Text-based Activites
Tenement Virtual Tour
Student Demographics
Total Population: 770
6th grade: 364
7th grade: 406
Student Population by Race:
African American: 6%
Hispanic: 5%
Caucasion: 85%
Other: 4%
Free/Reduced Lunch: 36%
Special Education: 1%
Limited English Proficient: 4%
School Data (Benchmark Exam)
*Parent letter/Family Tree
*KWL Chart
*Neil Diamond "Coming to America" video
*New York's immigrants YouTube video
*Analyzing pictures
*Audio Stories
*Virtual tour of Ellis Island after reading Ch. 1
*Virtual tour of Tenemant Museum before/after reading Ch. 2

6th grade
Literacy Math
Below Basic: 2% Below Basic: 6%
Basic: 23% Basic: 13%
Proficient: 44% Proficient: 31%
Advanced: 30% Advanced: 51%

7th grade
Literacy Math Science
Below Basic: 1% Below Basic: 8% Below Basic: 9%
Basic: 11% Basic: 10% Basic: 27%
Proficient: 35% Proficient: 35% Proficient: 48%
Advanced: 52% Advanced: 47% Advanced: 17%

Virtual Field Trip to Ellis Island
How did we get and keep our students excited about reading
Immigrant Kids
*Scan the QR codes to take you directly to the "Immigrant Kids" room.

Significant Stories of the Past: A CCSS Informational Text Unit on Immigrant Kids

We think with words, therefore to improve thinking, teach vocabulary.

A. Draper and G. Moeller
Questions or Comments
Join us at:
Research Products
Magazine Cover

Virtual Tour
the Statue of Liberty
source chart
Google Docs
revising/editing checklists

You have read 2 texts and viewed some interview videos about schools in the early 1900s. You have also completed a primary source questionnaire about your school experience. From what you have learned, write an essay that compares and contrasts schools of the early 1900s to schools of today. Be sure to include evidence from all 3 sources to support your response.
Research Essay Writing Prompt:
Prezi: https://prezi.com/_xr0idfzdn8n/copy-of-immigrant-kids/



Historical Fiction
Significant Stories of the Past: A CCSS Informational Unit on Immigrant Kids

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