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Person Person

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Hindenburg

The Hindenburg was filled with Hydrogen, This is because the U.S would not give Germany any helium. So Germany was forced to use Hydrogen. And hydrogen is very flammable. They used hydrogen as an alternative because it was cheap and it was lighter than helium.
The start
Almost there.....
New Jersey
The Hindenburg is 242 tons
Max Speed=84.4 mph 135 km/h\
Engines= 4 1200 hp Mercedes Benz Engines
803 feet long
How it took off
Who owned the Hindenburg?
Destination of the Hindenburg
The Hindenburg was owned by Adolf Hitler but is was created by the Zeppelin Company and the founder of the Zeppelin company was Dr. Hugo Eckner who wanted the airship to be filled with helium. The airship was not filled with helium because exports from the U.S. to Germany was shut down in this time because of a export ban of helium.
It all comes to a end.
The main reason the Hindenburg crashed was due to its filling with Hydrogen. Truthfully no one is sure why or how it crashed. The rumor and most possible answer around the world was that it crashed because of the hydrogen.
Wikipedia (For some of the pictures)
By:Max, Daanish
Made in China
Hope You Enjoyed!
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