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Students Should Have Longer Breaks In School

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Daniel Chen

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Students Should Have Longer Breaks In School

Students Should Have Longer Breaks in School
Students Should Have Longer Breaks In School
Students are not getting enough breaks to make up for the arduous amount of school
Improving Concentration
Students who take longer breaks will be more alert, focused and abled to work longer..
Asians Countries Practice this skill
At noon, the lights are switched off and the children rest.
This Would Make a Large Impact
If students were given longer breaks, they would be abled to work harder and give better results
Too Much Work
The standards and amount of work is increasing more and more. People are not quite as abled to keep up with the continuing growth rate.
Any Type of Break
More physical or mental breaks could compensate for the constant change
Work Place
Even in the workplace, the workers rest as well.
Children and workers are more lively thought out the day, more focused, harder working and etc.
Children Sleeping
Workers Resting
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Ming Sheng Jr High School 7th Grade
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