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Copy of LI-FI

No description

Divesh Jadhav

on 15 October 2016

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Transcript of Copy of LI-FI

The Story of

Potential Market
Current Endeavours
Buy Sell Rent?

Future Plans
Future Scope
Buy Sell Rent :
All sorts of Engineering Books
Books for BSC, BCOM, BA
HSC related books for all Streams of Mumbai University.
Wide Range of Novels, and other genre of Books.
Wikipedia - University of Mumbai
HT Navi Mumbai
It's More than a Store
Engineering Books
Marathi Novels
English Novels
Engineering solved question papers
Close to 28000 students enrolled for engineering in 2015 according to a DNA article
We have less or more of 1.5 lakh engineering students studying in Mumbai university as of 2016
we are focusing on lowest figure of 100000 Engineering students as of now
Expanding the range of products
Upgrading infrastructure
Firming Logistics
Increase resource strength
Marketing on a broader scale
Traditional Bookstores
and,current online book selling stores.
Sales Statistics
174 orders delivered successfully all around Mumbai.
Visitor Log as on 16Th Oct 2016
Hits on carmine.in
Visitor Graph
Our Focus
As per wiki there were around 549,432 students in Mumbai university in 2011
As of now Mumbai university claims that it has seen a cumulative increase of 121%
Which gives a rough figure around
1.2 Million student across all departments
(Considering Population increase patterns etc,.)

Best Buying
Buying is usual but, with a twist...
We Emphasize the concept of buying with "
Best Price
", "
Best Quality"
& "
Best Services
" overall.
Easy Return Services
"Letting Student choose what they want... with
"Best quality

Swift Selling
We have developed a platform,which enables the students to sell through us.
Selling is based on certain standards of parameters set within the selling policy of carmine
Using selling as a platform, we want to create a win-win situation for student as well as for us
Reinvent Renting
The whole idea of
is to Revolutionize

the concept of "
Carmine provides
as a
cost efficient measure
for every student with respect of their
We have created a Renting Ecosystem where students gets a book on rent for as low as
₹7/ day
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