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Neurotransmitters, Drugs, and You

A psychology project that lists five different neurotransmitters and each with one drug that affect it.

Amani Samad

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Neurotransmitters, Drugs, and You

Neurotransmitters, Drugs, and YOU by Amani Samad In this journey, you will learn about five different neurotransmitters, a sample drug that affects it; and about the short-term and predicted long term effects. Hold on tight, and enjoy... Neurotransmitter No. 1 = Dopamine

Drug that affects Dopamine = Cocaine

Short-term effects:
increases your alertness
increases your happiness
decreases your hunger
PREDICTED long-term effect=
Addiction, irritability and mood disturbances, restlessness, paranoia, and auditory hallucinations. Neurotransmitter No. 2 = GABA

Drug that affects GABA = Alcohol

Short-term effects:
increases your sleepiness
decreases your anxiety
decreases your alertness
decreases your memory
decreases your muscle tension
PREDICTED long-term effects=
Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome may occur, which leads to the experience of mental confusion and lack of coordination, and they may also have memory and learning problems. Neurotransmitter No. 3 = Serotonin

Drug that affects Serotonin = LSD

Short-term effects:
increases your happiness
decreases your pain
PREDICTED long-term effects=
Flashbacks, mood swings, impaired thinking, unexpected outbursts of violence and eventually possibly depression that may lead to death or suicide. Your journey has now come to an end. I hope you have learned a little bit more about neurotransmitters and drugs, but most importantly, enjoyed this presentation. THANK YOU! :) Neurotransmitter No. 4 = Acetylcholine

Drug that affects Acetylcholine = Nicotine

Short-term effects:
decreases your heart rate
increases your secretions
increases your memory
increases your muscle contractions
PREDICTED long-term effects=
Addiction, always stressed, never finish tasks, careless driving, hard time waking up, difficulty socializing. Neurotransmitter No. 5 = Norepinephrine

Drug that affects Norepinephrine = Amphetamine

Short-term effects:
increases your heart rate
increases your alertness
increases your happiness
decreases your blood circulation
decreases your pain
PREDICTED long-term effects=
Reduced appetite, sleeping problems, bad immune system, dental problems, high blood pressure, increased risk of stroke, increased strain on kidneys, depression and anxiety, paranoia, violence, panic and confusion, muscle rigidity, lack of breath, decrease in memory and alertness. Works Cited
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