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T3 Year One Presentation

No description

Kaitlin Bolton

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of T3 Year One Presentation

T3 Year One Presentation
Katie Bolton
Humans of New York &
Google Docs

I used iMovie to film demonstrations and when a student forgot a process they could watch a quick video on my iPad.
Comic Maker


iPhoto Editing
Authentic Lesson Idea:
Art for a Cause
PBS: Art 21

Students will research a cause of his/her choice and then make an artwork about it.
The biggest impact in my life right now is my parents divorce. It's different because I don't get to see both my parents every day, sometimes it can be only a few times a month.
" I am currently watching Keeping up with the Kardashians on Netflix, because I like getting into the drama with the women on the show.
My Life 101 class began a project called Humans of WMS.

They went around the school and interviewed their peers, documenting "their story"
The Product
The students learned basic photo editing skills with iPhoto
The students used comic maker. An app I got downloaded onto the iPads to help bring their comics and drawings to life.
Exemplary Artists
My 7th grade students created their own meme paintings. Later on we used the iPads to create the meme on the internet.
Resource for contemporary art
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