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The Original 13 Colonies

Jiheon K. US History A


on 2 September 2010

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Transcript of The Original 13 Colonies

Original 13 Colonies Jiheon K.
US History A Virginia (1607)
New York (1613)
Massachusetts (1628)
New Hampshire (1623)
Maryland (1634)
Connecticut (1635)
Rhode Island (1636)

Delaware (1638)
North Carolina (1653)
South Carolina (1670)
New Jersey (1664)
Pennsylvania (1681)
Georgia (1733) Start of the Colonies British colonies on the Atlantic Coast
June 1606: King James I sent a group of London entrepreneurs to settle in Virginia
May 14, 1607: the English people arrived in Jamestown
instructed to find gold and a water route to the Eastern World
Puritans first came to the United States for political and religious freedom from Great Britain
sailed on the Mayflower
called themselves Pilgrims
Great Britain gave permission for the Pilgrims to settle in Plymouth, Massachusetts Colonists refused to pay the taxes in various ways

Boston Tea Party (Dec. 16, 1773): a group of men called “The Sons of Liberty” boarded the ship of England and dumped hundreds of boxes into the Boston Harbor

the frequent conflicts between England and the colonies led to the Revolutionary War in 1775

this was ironic as the colonies had helped England during the French and Indian War in 1754 Conflicts
England England tried to isolate the colonies from each other so that the colonies would not overpower the English government

England set various taxes that made the colonists unable to earn a lot of money and resources

one of the taxes declared to close the Port of Boston

since many of the colonies depended on trading as their main source of food and money, the closing of the biggest port, Boston, would have a big impact on the colonists Economy of the Colonies New England Colonies

New HampshireMassachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island

depended on fishing and hunting, shipbuilding

farming was hard because the Northern colonies had poor soils and cold temperatures Middle Colonies
Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware
depended on trade and agriculture
better soils, warmer temperatures
produced corn, vegetables, and fruits
Southern Colonies
depended on farming and slaves
had perfect land and temperature for farming
The population increased as time passed and more and more colonists came to settle in the New England colonies Nautral Resources/Environment New England Colonies
fish, whales, trees, furs

Middle Colonies
iron, ore, good soil

Southern Colonies
rich farmlands, forests, fish

Northern colonies had coldest temperatures and shortest growing seasons

temperatures and growing seasons increased towards the southern direction Political Impact the colonies were under British control in the beginning

however, the colonists started to move away from Britain and gradually formed their own type of government

the victory from Revolutionary War with Great Britain led the colonists to separate from Britain and form a new country Slavery slavery became very popular in the colonies

slaves were efficient when doing hard work that took a lot of time and effort

since the southern colonies focused on farming, there were more slaves in the southern areas

slaves were not treated equally as the colonists and were frequently abused Was the addition of this piece positive or negative?
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The formation of the thirteen colonies was definitely a positive act. This was the start of not only the United States but also a new world. If the Puritans had never moved away from England, then the United States today would not be the way it is. Furthermore, the victory of the colonies from the Revolutionary War helped the power of the world to swift to the west from the European countries. If the United States was never established, then there would have been contrasting results of the various wars in the twentieth century.
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