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Comprehension Matrix: A Tool for Designing Comprehension Ins

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Sierra Gonzalez

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Comprehension Matrix: A Tool for Designing Comprehension Ins

What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Comprehension
Expository Text

Making a Case and a Place for Effective
Content Area Literacy Instruction
in the Elementary Grades
What Every Teacher Needs to Know
About Comprehension
Comprehension Matrix: A Tool for Designing Comprehension Instruction
There is a lot more content area being taught in each grade level especially the younger grade levels
Three critical factors have converged to create this change
Including Expository Texts
Early Exposure to expository text gives students greater chances of success in later grades
Including expository texts with story texts give students a larger selection of literature to choose from and increases motivation
Give students greater domain knowledge in a variety of subjects

3 major areas of comprehension:
Comprehension is easier when reading something of interest.
Most teachers rely on teacher manuals for content area instruction and text books being used focus mostly on student understanding rather than helping them.
It is important for teachers to question students for comprehension during the reading.
Once teachers understand what is involved in comprehending and how the factors of reader, text, and context interact to create meaning, they can more easily teach their students to be effective comprehenders.
Comprehension occurs in the transaction between the reader and the text.
Each reader is unique in that he or she possesses certain traits or characteristics that are distinctly applied with each text and situation.
The more background knowledge a reader has that connects with the text being read, the more likely the reader will be able to make sense of whats being read.
Authentic literacy events are those that replicate or reflect reading and writing purposes and texts that occur in the world outside of schools.
The three critical factors are standard-based education, emphasis on standardized-test performance, and technology.
Changing Terms: was Content Area Reading and is now Content Area Literacy
Model of Comprehension
4 elements: reader, text, context, and transaction
Teachers Support...
Teach decoding skills
Helps students build fluency
Teach vocabulary words
Motivate students
Engage students in personal responses to text
Teachers Support...
Teach text structures
Model appropriate text selection
Provide regular independent reading time
Provide explicit instruction of comprehension strategies
Teach students to monitor and repair
Use multiple strategies
Scaffold support
Make reading/writing connections visible
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