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anu kannareddy

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of deviceAnyWhere

About Keynote's DeviceAnyWhere Platform
Keynote's DeviceAnywhere platform provides an end-to-end solution for testing and monitoring of mobile apps and websites to ensure the quality, performance and uptime of products and services as you extend your business to the mobile channel.
Keynote Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ:KEYN) is the global leader in mobile and web cloud testing & monitoring.
Keynote offers three market-leading product platforms:

1) Keynote Perspective
2) Keynote DeviceAnywhere
3) Keynote SIGOS

Direct-to-Device® technology gives you state of the art mobile testing. From anywhere in the world you have full mobile device interaction, including complete hardware controls and pixel-perfect image and text display.
Keynote Systems
Corporate Profile

Free, online access to the most popular mobile devices for spot testing your mobile websites - anytime, from anywhere.
Key Features
Access popular mobile handsets over the Internet via an easy-to-use web UI.
No physical phones to purchase or manage. All devices connected on our lightning fast Wi-Fi.
Cloud-Based Architecture
No emulation or simulation.
Accurate rendering
Test on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry on real devices from Apple, HTC, LG, Nokia, BlackBerry, and Samsung
Device Library
Instantly access free devices or sign up for selected devices once they are free.
Advanced Queuing & Notification:
Save your place in line and get a heads up when it’s your turn.
Advanced Queuing & Notification:
Get an advance warning when your turn is coming up.
Advanced Queuing & Notification:
How It Works
Fill out the DeviceAnywhere registration form.
Log in to DeviceAnywhere Free, check out a device, and start testing
Access each smartphone with point-and-click ease. Once you're finished, simply check out another.
Enter text from your keyboard directly to the device
Text Entry
When your device falls asleep, give it a nudge
Restart/Wake Up:
see screen in either portrait or landscape mode
Control the device hardware such as the camera light
Hardware Control
Get a frame by frame playback of all web pages you test
View Screens
Adjust the volume coming from each device through your desktop speakers
Access Control
Quickly let us know if you find an issue with any of our smartphones
Report a problem
Browser Requirements

Chrome 16+
Firefox 11+
Internet Explorer 10+
Safari 5.0+

Device Anywhere Free
Device AnyWhere Test Center Developer
Device AnyWhere Enterprise
Free Device List
DeviceAnywhere Free can be enjoyed by users anywhere with the following:
Test Center Developer
Makes manual testing of mobile applications by providing instant online access to any mobile device, network and operating system around the world.
Mobile Website Testing
Mobile App Testing
To see how it looks and functions on mobile screen.
Check out a device and Enter URL.
Automatically Stored in PIXEL-PERFECT
On Device App --there is no substitute for real Device
TCD download App to device or upload them to desktop
SMS / MMS Testing
Message services--SMS and MMS
Integrated SMS or MMS into your mobile strategy, testing them on real devices
Device-to-Device Testing
Check out a device and call it or send a text
Check out multiple devices and record both ends of the conversation.
Multi-Device Testing
To check out several devices at the same time and quickly tab back and forth to execute multiple tests at the same time
Over-the-Air Testing
Test Center Developer gives you access to real mobile networks so you can see how content renders when it's downloaded as a real user would.
Remote Touch Screen Control
All you need is a keyboard and a mouse and you can take advantage of all of the capabilities of real mobile devices. Click on links and swipe through pages just as if the device were in your hands.
Quickly Export Screenshots
Save screenshots to your desktop images can save in PNG or JPG format
Advanced Text Entry
Choose the text enter box and select the keyboard interface, enter text from the keyboard
Copy and paste the content
Access Device Hardware
Can change orientation via the accelerometer, the touchscreen and keyboard connect/disconnect the battery and even control the camera light.
Adjustable Screen Size
Devices can be resized to best fit your laptop or desktop screen.
Audio & Video Control
Test Center Developer Audio & Video controls let you strike the optimum balance of performance and quality while navigating on your device.
View the History of Your Session
Capture a pixel-perfect screenshot for archiving or issue resolution.
Capturing a historical record of your device session.
Over the Air Connectivity
This allows you to send text and access carrier decks without purchasing or maintaining multiple data plans.
Annual Pricing
Monthly Pricing
Test Case Manager
The enterprise platform for mobile testing and monitoring on real smartphones and tablets.
Automates the testing of all of your mobile apps and websites.
Testing Requirements
why to automate
Optimal Testing Strategy
Cost Comparison
When You Should Automate
Support for All Smart Devices
Control All Aspects of Devices
Powerful Scripting Interface
Easily Create Scripts
Auto Capture, Verification and Replay of Live User Interactions
Professional Services
Professional Services team can provide script writing services to help you get up and running faster.
For manually testing any mobile app or website.
That enables production support teams to monitor the performance and availability of any mobile app or website on any smartphone or tablet.
Monitor Anything
Mobile Performance Metrics
Real Time Automatic Alerts and
Ongoing Analysis
Scheduling and Reporting
View performance trends over time
Advanced Scripting Technology
Object-level Scripting for Mobile
Web Content and Web Applications
Use browser-based techniques to drive your scripts by operating on web elements
Commands Designed to Optimize
Common Test Cases
Easily Identify Web Elements
DOM Viewer
Object-Level Scripting for
Native Applications
Easily and quickly build one script that works across all devices on a given platform
Simple drag and drop command to launch or close application
Choose from all available applications on device selectable with the text label.
Identify objects based on class and text
Click directly on objects in UI, or
identify via class path
Data sets fully supported to parameterize
Object-Level Scripting for Hybrid Applications
Combining native object and web object scripting
Bitmap Comparison Scripting
Native, hybrid or web-based mobile applications.
Video Quality

Execution Process
Inserting Web Element
Finding the Elements
Entering Values
Run the Script
Showing Result
Screen shots of an Error
Test Center Developer Device List
Adding Project
Adding Devices
Creating TestCase
Adding Test Step
Adding Test Stpes Completed
Run the Project
Take the Snapshots or RecordVideo
Go to Results Portal to Check Results
View the Results
Check Proofs
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