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Group 2/ Mediated Entertainment

No description

whitney marte

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Group 2/ Mediated Entertainment

Whitney Marte
Frances Nedler
Jen Cham
Theresa Anthony Changes in Mediated Entertainment Media is such a broad topic and it has changed/advanced so drastically over the years. We have spent a lot of time in class talking about changes in media. Throughout our paper we thoroughly discussed it as well. For our presentation we wanted to be a bit more hands on. We interviewed different people to see how they felt about changes in mediated entertainment. Conclusion Whats next ? Disney News Corp Viacom Clear Channel AOL/Time Warner Mediated Entertainment has changed drastically over the years. The advances in technology effect the way we live. Think about going a day without your phone, iPod, or laptop. There are both pros and cons to the changes in mediated entertainment. Its important to find a balance so we don't depend on media to such a high extent.
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