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The Personalities of the Grinch

The Grinch's big five personality traits.

jessica anderson

on 25 January 2012

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Transcript of The Personalities of the Grinch

Conscientiousness: As a conscientious person, you are organized, disciplined, dedicated, and loyal. The Grinch however, was the opposite; he was messy, chaotic, and had no sense of time. He took no responsibility for his actions. The Grinch was not a conscientious person, but towards the end he started to become loyal to Cindy Lou and Martha May. He saved Cindy’s life, after he saw that she was in danger, along with the presents. Agreeable: To be an agreeable person, you are friendly, pleasant, and easy to be around. You are outgoing and a very sociable. At the beginning of this movie, the Grinch was a grumpy man, who didn’t get along with anybody except his dog Max who he somewhat abused, he didn’t like any of the other Who’s. The Grinch wasn’t an agreeable person. At the end of the movie, the Grinch became civil to the Who’s and started relationships with them, especially with his friend Cindy Lou. The Grinch even had the Whoville feast in his cave. Openess: The Grinch wasn’t very open. He preferred to stay in his cave doing his daily things. He didn’t allow anyone to enter and got very defensive when Cindy Lou Who came to visit him in his cave. Like openness people, the Grinch wasn’t afraid to take risks. Stealing all the presents from the who`s was one of many mean deeds he committed. He also took a huge risk by opening himself to the who`s during the cheermeister festival, participating in the sack races and allowing himself to become a food judge. Neuroticism: The Grinch was worried and anxious about how the Who’s would react to him being crowned Cheermeister. He felt like they would judge him on how he looked and acted. At the beginning of the movie he was very emotionally unstable, he talked to himself. He comforted himself with the fact that he had his echo to talk to. Closer towards the end, the Grinch become more stable and civilized by reconnecting with the Whos and accepted Christmas. Extroversion: When the Grinch was in his cave with just Max, everything was about him. He became center of attention during the Cheermeister festival which at first he was leery about, but after he really started to enjoy it. He took in the festivities, and participated in the events. He’s talkative and energetic but not warm or inviting. When Cindy Lou Who came into his cave, he put on a show to try and get her to leave. At the end, The Grinch was still loud and energetic but warm and inviting. He sang in Christmas carol and interacted with Whos during dinner.
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