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Copy of IB Color-Marking Prose and Poetry

How to Color-Mark a Piece of Literature Honors English 10

Rodney De Luca

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of IB Color-Marking Prose and Poetry

Color-Marking Prose Poetry
How to Color-Mark . . . for Honors English 10
Image is a word (or more than one word) appealing to at least one of our senses, and thereby generating a response in the reader. Of our five senses (visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, and gustatory), the visual is the strongest.
Image pattern is the repetition of these images, not necessarily in interrupted succession.
Motif is a repeated pattern of any type within a text. Note the image pattern is a motif but a motif is not always an image pattern. An image pattern is repeated reference to a particular sense, and since a motif is a repeated pattern, we can say that an image pattern is a motif.
Now, look through a literary microscope at a passage to understand the writer’s techniques, whether they be narrative (as in prose fiction), poetic, or dramatic. Mark with different colors each type of image/image pattern/motif noted in the given passage. If the text is an extract from a larger work that you have studied, think about the context surrounding the extract, how that helps you clarify its meaning.
•Is one color predominant? Why?

•Is there some logical progression of imagery/motif, from one type to another? Is the progression illogical? Why?
Questions to Ask . . .
•How do the imagery/motifs reinforce and/or
illustrate the content of the passage? If you prefer, what is the relationship of the scene to the imagery/motifs used to describe it? Imagery reinforces content by giving it emphasis, by making it fresh through an unusual or creative use of imagery, and/or by adding irony (imagery that appears to contradict the content to describe it in terms of its opposite qualities).

•Is a specific tone or mood created by the marked material?
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