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Art: What is it? Why do I care?

No description

Kenneson Chen

on 11 January 2015

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Transcript of Art: What is it? Why do I care?

First things first . . .
What is "art" and what can we describe as "art"?
So how would you
define art?
Let's have a discussion. (Please? I know it's early.)
Some "art"
What does it mean to be a critic of art?
Let's take a look at some art and criticize it.
Because Kenneson
is a geek

Art: What is it? Why do I care?
What do you think? What comes to mind?

Do you have any examples of what art is?

What about what art
early 13c., "skill as a result of learning or practice," from Old French
(10c.), from Latin
) "work of art; practical skill; a business, craft," from PIE
(cognates: Sanskrit
"manner, mode;" Greek
"complete, suitable,"
"to prepare;" Latin
"joint;" Armenian
"make;" German
"manner, mode"), from root
"fit together, join" (see

In Middle English usually with a sense of "skill in scholarship and learning" (c.1300), especially in the seven sciences, or
liberal arts
. This sense remains in
Bachelor of Arts
, etc. Meaning "skill in creative arts" is first recorded 1610s; especially of painting, sculpture, etc., from 1660s.

Fine arts
, "those which appeal to the mind and the imagination" first recorded 1767. Expression
art for art's sake
(1824) translates French
l'art pour l'art
. First record of
art critic
is from 1847. Arts and crafts "decorative design and handcraft" first attested in the
Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society
, founded in London, 1888.
Let's write a nice definition together!
Here's a definition written
by smart people
1. the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

2. the class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria; works of art collectively, as paintings, sculptures, or drawings: a museum of art; an art collection. See fine art, commercial art.

3. a field, genre, or category of art: Dance is an art.

4. the fine arts collectively, often excluding architecture: art and architecture.

5. any field using the skills or techniques of art: advertising art; industrial art.

6. a branch of learning or university study, especially one of the fine arts or the humanities, as music, philosophy, or literature: She was adept at the arts of music and painting; I've always felt an affinity towards the visual arts, though I studied art of philosophy.

. (used with a singular verb) the humanities, as distinguished from the sciences and technical fields: a college of arts and sciences. (used with a plural verb) liberal arts : Faculty of Arts."
They're so smart . . .
Does art always have
to be beautiful?
What makes something beautiful?
This is a tricky puzzle, but let's just look
at some art and see if that helps . . .
Vocab Circle
What are some words that you think of
when you think of art?
Who makes art?
What things do you need to make art?
Where can you find art?
Is all art something you can see?
Can animals make art?
A smattering of terms for you!
Art from Kenneson's
life experiences:
Ólafur Elíasson
at Louisiana, DK
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