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Retaining Wall mini-series

A BKF Engineers mini-series class on Retaining Walls in civil plans

Jason Mansfield

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Retaining Wall mini-series

Retaining walls
A mini-series class at BKF Engineers
Soil Nail Walls
Top-down construction
In Cut slope
Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall
Dry stacked or faced Masonry Block wall
Soldier Beam Wall
Small landscape wall version
Fill slopes
Jason Mansfield
Masonry Block wall
Cast-in-Place (CIP) wall
Don't fall off the hill!
Let's build a wall.
Grading at
ends of wall
A little bit better.
and don't forget the drainage
Capture the runoff behind the wall
to reduce hydrostatic pressure.
You might be required to build some
"freeboard" above the drainage ditch.
More drainage up close.
Safety railing is often overlooked.
Weep holes are outlets for subdrain
behind the wall. Or they can
be hardpiped to a storm drain
(just remember the cover).
A ditch takes the groundwater
from weepholes.
Watch for
surcharge conditions!
Watch for
surcharge conditions!
Other engineers didn't
account for the surcharge
evidenced by the cracking.
Make sure the
represents your intent.
Coordination may also
be needed with the architect
Retaining wall standard designs
Jason's personal experience Constructing Walls...
House #1
House #2
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