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Ordovician Period

All About The Ordovician Period

Jordan Yousef

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Ordovician Period

Background photo by t.shigesa When Did It End? The Ordovician Period What Eon It Is In ? This period took place in the Paleozoic Era What IS The Time Period They Where Around? The Ordovician Period lasted almost 45 million years,it started 488.3 million years ago it ended The Ordovician Period lasted almost 45 million years, beginning 488.3 million years ago hard-bodied creatures like horseshoe crabs started moving closer to land,or into freshwater and shallow lagoons What Type or creatures are in the Ordovician? Eel-like creatures, fish, archaic sponge reef-dwellers and octopus type creatures What Where The Conditions Like On Earth? Plants In That Period Sea Creautre That Evolved From That Eon Coral, enemine The earth was mostly covered in water and lakes until they dried up
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