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Pros and Cons of Public Schools Monitoring Social Networks

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Devon Handley

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of Public Schools Monitoring Social Networks

Pros and Cons of Public Schools using Social Networks
Devon Handley
DePue English CP4
January 13, 2014
Different Social Medias?
- Twitter
-EDU 2.0
-Collaborize Classroom
-Others like Website makers and Blogs

The Pros Of Classroom Social Networking
Smart Phone are mostly used for gaming and talking to friends, but when combining the fun of a teenagers social life and classroom time would help improve on
-Helps for Professional Roles, later business careers or social interaction
-Community Outreach, to start social events for extracurricular activities
-Distance Learning and Course Assignments (Helps for students that are out of school)
-Parent Communications (Grades and Assignments. Knowing what their child is learning)
-Collaborative Learning (teaches Group thinking and team work)
On the Other hand... the Cons of Social Networking
-Students can be distracted and taking away from
what is actually going on in the Classroom itself
-Cyber Bullying.... World Wide Plague
-Discouraging Face-to-face communication (losing face to face connection, hurts for future job interviews or finding Colleges)
study habits or have less of a chance to forget.
With a drop in face to face social skills, It would be harder for kids to find jobs and meet standards of real world situations
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