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The Egg Experement

No description

Julia Granito

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of The Egg Experement

The Egg Experement
What effect will soda,orange juice,and vineagar have on an egg when soaked
Soda-Coca Cola
Orange Juice

If an egg is soaked in different liquids ,then the eggg shell in the vinegar egg will have the most decomposition. The egg shell in the Coca Cola will have the second most decomposition , and the egg shell in the orange juice will have the least decomposition.
1. Take the pH of each liquid
2. Fill up 3 beakers with 3 different liquids
3. Place 1 egg in each liquid
4. Observe over 2 days
5. Take the egg out of the liquids
6. See the affects
7. Record results
Parts of the egg
- chalazae
-vitelline membrane
-outer membrane
-inner membrane
-air cell
-Soda is a 3 and is an acid
-Orange juice is a 3 and is an acid
-Vinegar is a 2 and is an acid
Which liquid is stronger?
The vinegar is the strongest. I know this because the vinegar has a pH of 2 and the orange juice and soda have a pH of 3, so the vinegar is the strongest acid.
Ingredients in orange juice
100% pure squeezed orange juice
Ingredients in Coca Cola
Carbonated water,sugar,coloar, phosphoric acid, natural flavourings, including caffeine
Ingredients in Vinegar
Made from select sun-ripened grain, diluted with water to a uniform pickling and table strength of 5%(50 grains) acidity.
Data & Observations
Egg results
During experiment
(1) The hypothesis was supported by the data and observation. (2) The vinegar's egg shell came off, and you can see the yolk through the egg. The Coca Cola's egg shell turned brown. Lastly, the the orange juice's egg shell had pulp all over it. (3) During the experiment
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