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Ancients greek gods Bhavik P

bhavik patel

on 21 February 2012

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Transcript of KK ELA P3

GREEK GODS AND GODESSES WHO ARE THE GREEK GODS Zeus,Poseidon,Hades,Hera,Artimas, Apollo,Aphrodite,Ares,Demater,Dionysus, Hestia,Athena
Greek gods are people that represent a certain thing they explain with magical powers
there are many greek gods but there are the three powerfulest and the twelve gods then their are minor gods ZEUS is the god of the sky and gods
Zeus has marryed many goddesses
Zeus tricked his sister Hera in to marrying him
Zeus's roman name is jupiter posieden is the god of seas
Poseidens roman name is Neptune
a trident, horse, dolphin represents poseidon
the sea is posiedens home and palace Hades is the greek god of underwrold
the underwrold is Hades's palace and home
Hades's roman name is pluto
the dark relm and darkness repesents Pluto Hera is the goddess of marriage
Hera was tricked by her brother zeus into marrying him
Hera threw her son hephtsus off mt. olympus
Athena is a goddess of wisdom
Athena was born ny mind so zeus created her with his mind
Athena was forced to marry hephestus Ares is the god of war
Ares dosnt care who wins in a war aslong as there was blood
Ares is the son of zeus
Aphrosite is the goddess of love and beuty
where ever aphrodite walks flowers grow
some people ay that aphrordite can look like whatever you would want a girl to look like
nudit without shame represents aphrodite
Demeter is the goddess of harvest
Demeter is a sister of poseiden,hades,zeus,hera, and hestia
Demeter is also zeus's wife Dionysus is the god of wine and grapes
Dionysus was said to be burn twice
Dionysus actualy created wine Apollo is the god of music,medican,archery, and the sun
Apollo's roman name is Apollo
Apollo like to hunt and loves animals
Apollo hunts with a silver arrow Aritimas is the goddess of the hunting,women giving birth, and the moon
Artimas also likes to hunt and loves animanles
Artimas and Apollo are twins
Artimas hunts with a silver arrow Hephaestus is the god of fire and crafts
Hephaestus is the son of zeus and hera
Hephaestsus was thrown off mount olympus
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