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How was China affected by imperialism

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Morgan Yates

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of How was China affected by imperialism

How Imperialism Affected China The Negatives The Positives After the Open Door Policy, China could trade with other nations thus growing economically.There after they were given better education, better sanitation, and many other things, They learned new customs to better their culture. They also learned that they were the best and strongest culture in the world. So you see that the Chinese are living in a hopeful society because of Imperialism. Chinese people had given up ways of life to the people ruling them. , their loss of culture was far worse. They realized that they were not being protected and that they were being treated very unfair
Who/what started Imperialism in China, and Why:

In the early 1800s, the British treasury was being depleted due to its dependence upon imported tea from China. The Chinese still considered their nation to be the Middle Kingdom, and therefore viewed the goods the Europeans brought to trade with as nearly worthless trinkets. To solve this trade imbalance Britain imported opium, processed from poppy plants grown in the Crown Colony of India, into China.
Chinese officials attempted to ban the importation of the highly addictive opium, but ultimately failed. The British declared war on China in a series of conflicts called the Opium Wars. Superior British military technology allowed them to claim victory and subject the Chinese to a series of unequal treaties. When did imperialism start in China?
it was around the 1800's The End Life As a Citizen Being Imperialized

Life as an average person living in China during Imperialization was pretty rough. Foreign people from different countries would come into their towns and destroy things and take charge of their lifes. The Legacy

The legacy of Imperialism showed people to this day that Imperialism can cause bad things and it's not the best way to work situations out. https://docs.google.com/a/shsnt.org/document/d/135KRxWeec2iA6kLpSr-fvhp4M3P7uHgyE_QJC1790Ic/edit
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