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Coca Cola

No description

guillermo perez

on 27 February 2016

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Transcript of Coca Cola

Guillermo Perez
Yue David Liu
Hoa Elizabeth Vo
Mu Chu Lan

John Pemberton created the Coca cola formula.
Asa Griggs Candler purchase Coca Cola formula from Pemberton
Coca Cola Company
Coca Cola's Financial
How does Coca Cola produce it products?
Coca Cola outsources manufacturing and distribution of Coke products to franchises but does not outsource the making of concentrated syrup.
Coca Cola uses independent manufactures
Raw materials include: High Fructose corn syrup, sucrose, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, saccharin, cyclamate, sucralose, and water.
Coca Cola Ingredients
Coca cola's manufacture facility uses process costing.
Manufacture Process
Coca Cola has always been creative in advertising and creating campaigns.
Coca Cola's Competitors
Current Events
However, Coke products may taste different in other countries as coke uses local resources (like water and sugar cane vs corn syrup)
Production Process
Stage 1- Mixing/ Blending
Stage 2- Sanitizing, filling, inspection
Stage 3- Packaging &labeling
Frank Robinson designed the Coca Cola logo.
Christmas advertising started in the 1920 and later featured Santa Claus who brought present.
KO stock growth compare to competitors (last 5 Years)

Coca Cola products include:
Coca Cola
Smart Water
Vitamin Water
Direct Competitors
--Dr pepper
-- Nestle
Share a Coke Campaign
The campaign started in 2013 and remains to this date. The Share a Coke campaigned allows customers to interact by allowing customizing name either through social media websites and kiosks. The campaign increase sale volume for 2013 by .04%.

Standard Costing
Future Threats
Coca Cola is the largest nonalcoholic beverage company with over 500 brands offered in over 200 countries.
What is Standard Costing?
Standard Costing
ABC Costing System
Stock Valuation-KO
Jan 3,2011
Aug. 18, 2015
24% stock growth since 1/3/2011 to 8/18/2015 plus 3% per year in dividends for a average of 7.8 per year
One of the largest producer is BIG and CCE.
Health Concerns
Coca Cola does not reallly produce healthy beverages instead most Coke products are bad for health with high sugar levels.
As health awareness is increasing this has affected sales volume.
Coca Cola is a good candiate of standard costing since it process high volume batches of similar products. So standard costing should help determine overhead.
Benefits of Using Standard Costing
By using standard Costing Coca Cola will benefit:
--Pricing/ Cost
-helps determine price and volume production
-help minimize waste
--Performance Evaluation
-help identify production problems
Coca cola has even used a famous painter like Norman Rockwell for advertising the Coca Cola brand through 1928 to 1935.
Coca Cola is best known for its slogan dating back to 1886.
Pepsi outsells Coca Cola with some brands in some global markets like Parastian and India
Scarity of Water
Coca Cola is a global Company with revenue in many markets. However, if water happen to be unavailable or limited then Coke's revenue and production will decrease as water is Coca Cola's main ingredient.
In 2014, water Shortage shut down a plant in India.
Coca Cola Income Statment
What is it?
ABC costing system is defined as a system that identifies individual activities as the fundamental cost objects
The activity based costing system helps Coca Cola to determine the accurate costs of products and services.
In addition, it definitely brings more opportunities for Coca Cola to reduce the scraps by focusing on each individual activities
The ABC costing system is expensive.
The data from ABC can be misinterpreted, which is a risk.
The indirect cost of Coca Cola is difficult to determine.
As ABC costing system is implemented, Coca Cola can determine the relationship between the cost drivers and the indirect cost associated with the company's products.
Investing in Raw material
Coca Cola investing $ 3 billion in ready to drink and plans to invest another 5 billion from 2012 to 2020
Coca Cola had a patent in 1915 for the first contour bottle that was unique to them for 14 years.
Coutour Bottle
Major Competition
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