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Prom Presentation

About what we want prom to be

Samantha Barrie

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Prom Presentation

Prom for 2015 Sammie, Maddie, Giana, Shivanni Entertainment Venue Where is it and what Time CLEANING UP Security Miscellaneous Event Budget Break down Entertainment Our Theme Theme for our prom The layout would be similar to a proper Hollywood venue. As you enter the room there will be a red carpet and stanchions with red rope attached to them. Inside, there will be a circular dance floor. The decorations will be very realistic. We would like to have silver stanchions with red rope, red carpet, a disco ball and star confetti on the tables.
The decorations won't be over the top but they will all be part of our night to remember. For the entertainment we will have a DJ which will play a mix of music so it will suit everyone. Also the DJ will play through out the night. We will have a dance troop to perform later in the evening. We are going to have a few events going on during the evening, like a hall of fame where people will be able to put their hand print on a piece of paper. We will also at the end of the prom have a firework display to close the night and school years. Food and Drinks - £1,500
Venue - £ 1,000
Fireworks - £40.00
DJ - £500
Champagne glasses (plastic) - £177.19
Dance troop - £100
Wristbands - £175
Plates - £117
Decorations - £200
Card and Paint - £ 41.95
Health and safety - £200
Cleaners - £85
At total of £4136.14 Any additional money raised will be donated to the four charities supported by our school.
We have decided to do this because we believe that giving to charity puts the money (and any other items) to good use. We have chosen to have the event in the Forbury Hotel. The hotel is situated in Reading, West Berkshire RG1 3EJ.
The prom is going to be at 7pm and will run to 11pm in the evening. It will be on the last Friday in June (28th June 2015). We are going to hire cleaners as it is not included in the price for the venue.
The cleaners will cost £85 for a hour. The prom will be very safe as we will only have people form Thamesmead school and we will be able to know whether they are part of our school as when they come in they will be checked by bouncers and given a wristband which has prom 2015 written on the front and Thamesmead school on the back. The theme to our prom is Hollywood. We have chosen this theme because Hollywood is glamorous and sophisticated. You would be in for a night to remember! We have chosen a colour scheme of black and purple as they are unisex colours. Budget The budget for our prom The budget we have for our prom is £1000. We have not gone over budget. In some areas we have made savings that we have put into more expensive areas of the prom. Ticket prices We intend to sell the tickets at a price of £20 per person. In doing this we will have a total budget of £5000 (£1000 capital, £4000 ticket sale). Layout Food Heath and safety For health reasons we need first aid at the prom so we have arranged for a St Peters ambulance and crew to be there.
For safety reasons we need at least 50 adults at the prom. Food Decorations We have decided to have a buffet. We decided to
have a buffet so that everyone can choose what they want to eat. There will be a range of different foods so that everyone can find something they like. We will have a caterer to bring and serve the food.
We also will have a chocolate fountain. Drinks We decided to use the bar in the venue to
serve drinks. The bar is included in the venue price.
The caterers can use the bar in the venue to also make and serve us drinks
We will have soft drinks and non- alcoholic cocktails Publicity We will give people their invitations in
a balloon filled with helium at school. Invitations
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