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Lord of the Flies - symbols and metaphors

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M Davies

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies - symbols and metaphors

Lord of the Flies
Symbols and metaphors

Lord of the Flies
Symbols and Metaphors
The Conch
Piggy's Glasses
Arrival from adult world in chapter 6
External conflict faces a person against another human or against an animal, an object, the forces of nature, or any other thing or things outside of him. Internal conflict involves a struggle between a person and his emotions or negative attributes. Both types of conflict are represented in The Lord of the Flies with most of the symbols we’ve shown you.
What are Symbols and Metaphors?
The conch is the first symbol that appears in book. It was found by Piggy, but it is owned by Ralph. The conch is a tool to build up a civilization on the island. Through the power of the conch Ralph is able to make meetings. Without the conch it would have been very difficult to get things organized and to get to know who is on the island.
Why are symbols and Metaphors important in the novel?
We relate it to something and this way we can imagine better what the author wants to transmit and develop and support his theme.
Also because they give a poetical image.
that represents an abstract idea or concept and is expected to have a significance.
figure of speech in which a comparison between a word or phrase that designates another is implied, conceiving or representing a symbol.
theme and the dramatic conflict of the novel
to understand
Poetical Image
First Symbol
found by Piggy
owned by Ralph
tool for
used for
making meetings
no power
old life
The glasses are a symbol of intelligence and of the old life. When they break it, it's a symbol they've lost their humanity. If the glasses had broken completely, Piggy is not going to be anything for the other boys. When Jack steal's them from Piggy, it means that Piggy has lost his power.
broken glasses
loss of humanity
Forest Scar
Thank you for listening!!!
Coral Island (Treasure Island)
Animals and Fruits
deceptive view
Barrier between civilization and seclusion
Simon's death
Supernatural power
Path of destruction
Invasion of corruption on the island
The first sign of destruction caused by human habitation
Control, rescue and safety
Destruction and damage
food, protection and comfort
to get rescued
Tribal dances and to "hunt" Ralph
Pig Hunts
Little children can turn into savages
Jack gets more powerful with the pig hunts
Extreme cruelty
Violent imagery
Gift for the beast
Religious connotations
Extreme and unusual situation
Fear and terror
Boys try to externalize their fear
Manifestation of fear (parachutist) comes when Piggy requests adult help
Jack uses fear to get more powerful
If they had seen the parachutist clearly they would have attempted to get rescued
Mistaken for beast
Attention towards island
Beginning of the end
Prolonged death by flapping backwards and forwards on the island
Innocence, nature and Christ
He says things that make others ponder
When he discovers that the beast is the dead parachutist, “like Moses, then, he comes down from the mountain with the truth”.
Not listened to, like Moses
Betrayed by close ones, like Christ
Death has religious connotations
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