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My ePortfolio Final Reflection

No description

eva guti

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of My ePortfolio Final Reflection

Hot off the press!
module 1 Digital Literacy
module 3 Videotelling
task 1.1. Introducing ourselves and rediscovering Prezi
task 3.1. Devising a Movie Storyboard
module 4 Collaborative Storytelling
module 2 Sharing Stories through Comics
task 2.1. Creating cool speaking avatars
My learning journey: a selection of the resources I liked discovering and the activities I created throughout the INTEF course for teachers #storytelling_INTEF
task 1.2. Creating an Acceptable Use Policy
task 1.3. Designing online safety activities
task 2.2. Giving www.bitstripsforschools a go!

task 3.2 Using Windows Movie Maker to illustrate a popular song and developing an accompanying lesson plan... after all, this is what teaching is about!
task 4.1. Assessing Collaborative Global Projects
And the tasks (4.2 and 4.3) I enjoyed the most: contributing to Chain Stories and in turn, getting my students and coursemates to contribute to my collaborative story using the tool I loved discovering and will certainly be using with my students long after the course
module 5. Storytelling with Mobile Devices
task 5.1 Providing mobile apps with a practical edge by crafting a lesson plan, "Science: A Girl Thing!"
task 5.2 Evaluating web based apps

task 5.3 Supporting students with "I can..." cards and instructions on how to use Animoto
What I most enjoyed discovering, collecting and creating during the course and how I plan to use it can be found...

on my blog ELT STUFF
on twitter

and the fine selection of resources
collected on my Pinterest board
hashtag #storytelling_INTEF
Hope you find it useful!
Eva María Gutiérrez Moreno
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