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Structures - Triangles and Bridges

Year 7 SOW - Structures and Triangles

Chris Chapman

on 22 June 2012

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Transcript of Structures - Triangles and Bridges

San Fransisco - USA
The Golden Gate Bridge
Suspension Bridge
Chesterville OH - USA
Iron Truss Bridge
Quebec - Canada
Cantilever Bridge
Medeira - Spain
Truss Bridge
Clifton - UK
Suspension Bridge
London - UK
Tower Bridge
Suspension / Bascule Bridge
Valencia - Spain
Cable Stay Bridge
Amman - Jordan
Cable Stay Bridge
Shenzhen - China
Sydney - Australia
Through Arch Bridge
The Strength
of Triangles
are one of the strongest shapes in the world
Even in ancient times
people knew this...
The secret of their strength
lays in the way they handle
The Eiffel Tower
Square Truss
Can you spot
the triangles?
Now you know why
we use triangles...
...let's look at bridges.
There are many types of bridge...
This is the Millau bridge
in Southern france.
It spans 2.5km and the deck is 270m above
the ground!
It is called a 'Cable Stay' bridge
Let's go around the world and look at some other types of bridge...
...Hold tight!
The Suspension Bridge
This bridge works by 'suspending' the deck below cables
They don't have to be complex, this picture is
also a suspension bridge
Soon, you will be building
your very own bridge!
So let's re-cap
Beam Bridge
Arch Bridge
Bascule Bridge
Suspension Bridge
Cantilever Bridge
Cable Stay
Your task...
Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Nov 7th 1940
4 months after opening...
How are triangles used in these structures?
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