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U.S.A Studies Weekly

The Southern Colonies

De'Anna Jones

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of U.S.A Studies Weekly

U.S.A Studies Weekly
week 11
The Southern Colonies By: De'Anna Jones The Southern Colonies & The Colonial Craft of Quillery Paper Pictures Sericuture & think and review questions Sericlture The Colony Craft of Quillery: Paper Pictures Maryland Virginia The Carolina The Real Colonial Williamsburd, Virginia Georgia The Southern colonies Intro
There are 5 Southern colonies: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia
Most of the colonies made lots of Money in the Market economy
They were known for there low lying wetlands and there Cash Crops There was a man named James Edward
He made a colony and named it after King George II called the Oglethorpe settlement
The colony started off as a colony for the poor people in England
Living in the colony helped the poor people stay out of jail
Back then people who pay off the money they owed people they went to debtor's prison
Most of the people who lived in Georgia were farmers of different religion
They believed that they should have many children helping on the farm
They made rules against slavery
The farms grew rice, tobacco, and indigo ( a plant that was used to make purple dye) and cotton North and South Carolina was a great place to earn money (cash crops)
Cash crops are crops that can be sold for money, some of them are rice, tobacco, indigo, olive oil, silk, and turpentine (a oil that comes from tree
people knew south Carolina for there religion tolerance
In North Carolina the people wanted to get away from the rules in Virginia so they made and came here
Smuggle (to bring items to a different place, that is illegal) Sir Calvert lord of Baltimore was a wealthy Englishman
He was a Catholic
He wanted to escape the religious rules of the church in England
So he started to plan to make Maryland
he had died before King Charles I had Granted his request
so his son continued what is father had started
he sent his brother to govern the new colony In Virginia Tobacco was a big thing back then
Tobacco was a very important thing in Virginia it was a big money maker
Some of the settlers got the American Indians to help them farm
It was not enough people so they started to bring slaves to Virginia
The slave trade was called the Middle Plantation
they had this thing called the Virginia House of Burgesses Paper was very hard to find and only wealthy people could get it
When the Colonial people got paper they saved every little scrap they could for like letters and list
when they used a the little scraps it was just a long thin piece of paper and they did not know what to do with it so someone came up with the idea to make art with the paper
It was called Quillery art
this is the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle) Tobacco was the IT crop in the Southern colonies but King James thought it was very Disgusting
So he ordered them to raise silkworms to make silk because he was not happy that China was making all the money for making silk
Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina tryed it and it did not work only Georgiai made much
all you need to make it is a silkworm, Mulberry tree, and moth larvae
you need to raise the silkworm is the Mulberry tree
let the silkworm spin a cocoon
after the cocoon has been spun they are heated to kill the larvae inside
then they are solked in water Williams-Burg was the Capital of Virginia Colony
Blind Man's Bluff: tease the person who is it, then they have to reach there arms out and try to get someone and guess who they got (macro polo)
Marbles: put the marbles in a big ring on the ground, if you see a big marble that is big you try to knock it out of the ring by shooting your marble at it ( the point is to knock all of the other players marbles out of the ring)
They saw the collage of William and Mary
There weather was nice (when they saw the William and Mary's collage was big tree's
the woman make wax candles
A cooper is a person who makes or fixes barrels
there was a newspaper called the Virginia Gazette
people who wanted to come to the new world they can agree to work in the tobacco fields in exchange for a passage on a ship to Virginia called Indentured servant's the Real Colonial Williams burg, Virginia
and the Southern colonies
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