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Copy of Steven Kellogg Author Study

No description

Darlene Burkhart

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Steven Kellogg Author Study

"Telling Stories
on Paper"

Steven Kellogg grew up a
fan of picture books.
Among his favorite
authors were
Beatrix Potter...
N.C. Wyeth.
Before Steven started school, he set a goal to become a children’s author and illustrator and would entertain his sisters for hours with his drawing and storytelling.
He called this...
After drawing his way through
school, he attended the
Rhode Island School of Design,
majoring in illustration.
Winning a fellowship
allowed him a year to study
in Florence, where he stored up experiences and images
upon which he still draws.
he did some graduate work
and teaching at the
American University, and
began submitting
book ideas to publishers.
He quickly
...and realized that
he could continue
“Telling Stories on Paper”
to large audiences.
Back in the
United States,
Several awards,
35 years
and more than
100 books later,
he is still doing
just that.
His own Great Dane, Pinkerton,
was stubborn and his puppyhood
foibles inspired Pinkerton, Behave!
Where did his
ideas come
His oldest cat at the time,
Secondhand Rose,
played the part of the
heroine in
A Rose for Pinkerton.
She harassed everyone
and everything.
Kellogg wants the time
readers spend
with his books to be
enjoyable and to
“encourage a lifetime
of association with
pictures, words, and books”
(Kellogg, 2011).
Some of
As Arnold brings home creatures to keep, mom says, “No.” When he brings home a fellow human named Ralph, Mom finally says, “Yes,” and more travel adventures follow.
Poor Pinkerton! Can he EVER learn to behave?
After flunking out of Obedience School, Pinkerton does come in handy and saves the day after his owner remembers how Pinkerton’s mixed-up signals work. Good dog, Pinkerton!
Who gets to rule the roost? Will it be Pinkerton, the Great Dane? Or Rose, the new kitten? Oops, Rose thinks she’s a dog! Pinkerton thinks he’s a cat! Back at the Pet Show, they learn just how wonderful it is to be who they are.
Pinkerton and Rose go along to the woods
to help find birds and mammals. Sadly, every encounter turns into chaos. Pinkerton learns many lessons, including why black-and-white striped foxes should NEVER be cornered!
Spending the summer with Aunt Georgiana is a challenge as Ralph discovers a hidden talent for the bassoon. Using it along with his secret weapon, he also conquers the horrible sea serpent, saving its victims. Upon returning home, Ralph regains his freedom. What’s next for Ralph?
Convinced that the sky is falling, Chicken Little enlists her friends to help. The conniving Foxy Loxy is delighted as he plots their capture. When a falling Sky Patrol helicopter crashes and Foxy Loxy is captured, they escape, and Chicken Little plants a surprise. What does it turn into
Kathy and Louise’s friendship is tested with Louise leaves for the summer. When a new neighbor moves in, Kathy awaits another special arrival. When Louise returns in time for the big surprise, they renew their friendship by sharing the fun, a new puppy!
Raised by wild creatures, Pecos Bill
conquered everything he met and
set up shop, ranching in Texas…but
how did he rescue Slewfoot Sue?
This tall tale is one of the
tallest of them all!
Aster Aardvark does NOT like the alphabet.
Finally achieving an “A”, she leads the way
into multiple alliterative animal adventures
all the way from aerial alphabetical acrobatics
to sleeping “ZZZZZZ”ebras.
Matching wits with the giant at the top of the beanstalk made him one very rich young man. Will he stay that way?...
and was Jack smart or was he lucky?
Gloria, aka The Christmas Witch, must prove that her magic is stronger than the distrust and feuding Pepperwills and Valdoons. With the help of her elfin friends and a recipe for magical cake, she overcomes the evil spread by her old nemesis, Madame Pestilence.
This new version of The Three Pigs comes with a delicious waffle twist, complicated by wolfish greed. When war is declared, Mother Serafina arrives to save the day with her red-hot griddle, and the defeated and syrupy wolf is sent off into exile to the Gulf of Pasta.
At bedtime, two children set off on adventures with their animal friends. Sailing down waterfalls, past whales, through the tub, and back home for stories, do they ever make it to bed?
Astounded by the silliness displayed by the maiden, her suitor takes off to see if there are those sillier than her. Indeed there are! Returning to her, the suitor marries her and finds out who truly is the silliest of them all.
This old man, he played ONE, and what else did he do? He kidnapped chickies, rode with
sled dogs, and always,
always went home. Join
“this old man” for some
counting fun and sing
along as he gives out
dog bones.
The Missing Mitten Mystery
A PEnguin Pup for Pinkerton
Louis’s mysterious tadpole, Alphonse, grows and grows. Too big for everything, Alphonse is set loose in the ocean, where he finds treasure. Problems solved….or are they?
What can one poor elf do in the face of mass chaos and sadness? With the help of a magical pipe, he discovers the secret to happiness and returns a rat-infested city to a place of magical joy. Can magic also return to the sad witch and Grand Duke?
Steven Kellogg's Awards
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