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hailey mattice how dose music affect mood

No description

maryann carroll

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of hailey mattice how dose music affect mood

how dose music affect mood
more facts about mood
thanks for watching
if you want to relax you could list to instruments or single voice soothes to learn about what music you like
how dose music affect mood
one thing you can do is that record
as you listen to three different type of
music then you can find your personal
of music you like
more facts instruments
instruments-it may help make them again for people who are sick ,music can do more then just help them relax
u would have had a much harder time remembering it there good reason the alphabet was made into a song .without melodic cue think of the ABC songs you learned as a child .
visitors can lie down on the citys largest futon bed. at an exhibit at the ps.1 contemporary art center in new york city
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