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Sociological Perspective - Sociology

No description

Sam Buemi

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Sociological Perspective - Sociology

The basics:
A macro-oriented
Inequality & Conflict
Key elements:
Society is structured to benefit a few
Race, sex, class, and age are linked inequality.
Dominant vs. disadvantaged
Social-Conflict Paradigm
Education & liberal arts
Social expectations
Appreciation for diversity
The global village
Domestic social marginality
Enhanced life chances
Increase social potentials

Name a job that doesn’t require an understanding of human behavior.
Why Take Sociology?
Assess the truth of common sense
Assess both opportunities & constraints in our lives
Empowers us to be active participants in our society
Live in a diverse world
Benefits of the Sociological Perspective
Sociological Theory
a statement of how and why facts are related
social behavior in real world
Theoretical paradigm: Set of fundamental assumptions that guides thinking
Who’s Who in the
Social-Conflict Paradigm
The basics
A micro-level orientation, focus on specific interactions
Views society as the product of everyday interactions of individuals
Key elements
Society - shared reality, construct reality
Society is a complex, ever-changing mosaic of subjective meanings.
Too broad, ignores inequalities
Too broad, ignores how shared values and mutual interdependence unify society
Ignores larger social structures, effects of culture, factors such as class, gender & race
Critical Evaluation
“..The systematic study of human society ”
Scientific, Group Patterns, Variables
“Heart of Sociology”
What is Sociology?
Where we live has huge impact on our lives
Societies increasingly interconnected through technology and economics.
Name problems more serious throughout world
Thinking globally is a good way to learn more about ourselves.
Importance of
Global Perspective
Seeing the general in the particular
General social patterns in the behavior of particular individuals.
Seeing the strange in the familiar
Human behavior not simply what people decide to do
Understanding that society shapes our lives
Sociological Perspective
Peter Berger
Durkheim’s Study of
About transforming society.
Society, not people’s personal failings, is cause of social problems.
Transforms personal problems into public issues.
Nickel & Dimed & Questions Pg. 10
C. Wright Mills’
Sociological Imagination
One of the youngest disciplines, origins in powerful social forces.
Social Change
Industrialization, urbanization, political revolution, and a new awareness of society
3-Stages: theological, metaphysical & scientific
Positivism–A way of understanding based on science
Gender, Race & Class
Pushed to the margins of society.
of Sociology
The basics
-level orientation, broad patterns
Views society as a complex system; work together to promote stability
Key elements:
Social structure stable patterns of behavior found in social institutions.
Social function refers to the consequences for the
of society as a whole.
Is Sociology Nothing More than stereotypes?

Can Sociology help correct people’s stereotypes?

How do each of these elements influences their self concept and behavior?

Consider this: Only 5% of Humans alive today have a college degree. Why?
Systematic study of Human Society
Urinal Game
Which Would You Use?
List word associations with "coffee".
How does it relate to:

Groups Income
People Race
Age Culture
Gender Religion
Deviance Economy
Health Power

A woman jogging:
Does it serve function?
Promote Conflict?
Is it Symbolic?
Average Number of Births
Sociology based on evidence;
not one's personal experiences.
How Does A Society Fall Apart?
Nickel & Dimed
Optional (Not Required)
Imagine Society Is A Puzzle.
What Is This Puzzle Comprised Of?
Emile Durkheim-society affects even our most personal choices.
More likely to commit: male Protestants who were wealthy and unmarried
Less likely to commit: male Jews and Catholics who were poor and married

“social integration.”
Strong social ties/less chance of suicide
Where Does Unemployment Come From?
& Learn More
"The essence of the power of context is that our inner state is the result of our outer circumstances" - Gladwell
pg. 19 (14th ed.)
Suicide Rates:
What is a "theory"
“Sociology shows us the power of society to guide all our life decisions in much the same way that the seasons influence our choice of clothing.”
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