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Thematic Unit Plan

No description


on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Thematic Unit Plan

•Sit still and quietly

•Keep your hands to yourself

•Ask for a permission when you want to leave the classroom

•Keep quiet
•Keep the classroom clean

•Tidy up your desk after doing activities

•When teacher talks everyone listens.
Don't leave your place without a permission. By:
Maha Khalid 000226
Fatima Kuwair 000151
Husna 001153 Light Energy Whole class rewards
•Field trip to science festival
•Class trophy, medal in morning assembly
Small groups’ rewards
•Weekly prizes (for the best group)
Individual rewards
•Chart (traffic lights) Positive Reinforcements Negative reinforcement Transitions
•Groups’ leaders
•Groups’ name
•Moving system (back groups first then the front groups; one of the back groups stands Classroom Routines Grade 4
Sub-strand: Earth & Space •Facilitates
•Follows students’ progress
•Ensures students are engaged •Electrician
•Science lab teacher
•Science communicator
•Parents Thematic Unit Plan Teacher's Responsibilities Classroom Layout Behavior Management
Whole class punishment
•No break (eating in classroom)
Groups’ punishment
•Mixing with other groups
Individual punishment
•Extra homework
•Extra class work
•Sending to the social worker
•Parents' meeting to discuss student's behavior The Sun group a group leader science learning outcome: learning outcome: activity description: math English learning outcome: activity description:
•Follows complex procedures with guidance

•Makes predictions based on prior knowledge, experience and data from investigation with minimal guidance. • organizes and interprets data using tables
• estimate, measure, compare and record length and distance
• know and use the abbreviations for metrs and centimeters students will read the procedure paper "how to make pinhole camera" so they can do it at home if they want.
teacher will demonstrate the experiment in front of the class then each group will have their own experiment to do.
Each group will measure the height of the image also the distance between the image and pinhole camera in cm. and they have to record the data in table then they have to draw bar graph based on the data they have got it. COMMUNICATION students Teachers - Parents: Attending class
Email working in groups and
sharing the ideas
and knowledge Between Teachers: Bilingual planning Discussion about activities
Organizing the activities
Designing themes
Attending each other class Administrators – Teachers, Parents: Communicating with parents
Emails between teachers/admin
Displaying work throughout children magazine
Sharing in important event Explanation Self editing, revising and publishing
Students have to write 150 word explanation paper why light is important. They should include what they have learned about light in class and their extensive reading. They will be provided with word-guide to help them. Later, they self-edit using a checklist and revise their drafts. After that, they will publish their drafts and submit the final version of their essays. Students will answer the work sheet that is related to the length and distance. students will independently write 150 words. Classroom design Classroom rules Computers center activity description: Dark corner Reading center Words wall
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