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Mayan religion and Gods

about Mayan religion and their Gods

Kelsey Lints

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Mayan religion and Gods

Mayan Religion and Gods The Mayans worshipped everything in nature and tried to explain how it happened because of them. The Maya religion seems to be made up of
thirteen heavens and nine underworlds ruled by
the nine lords of the night whose names are not known.
The Mayans started adding new Gods and giving the old ones new functions. Not only could the Gods change their
appearance, but they could change their goodness
or badness. The God of Rain, Lady Rainbow, God of corn,
and the Sun God are most important to agriculture. The Maya world was composed of 3 parts-
The Heavens, The Earth, and The Underworld. The Mayans conducted many ceremonies to keep
the demons, monsters, and Gods where they belong-in the Underworld. All of the men looked into mirrors, since they thought it was an act of courage,
because they thought that the monsters from the Place of Awe could reach through
and yank you into the Underworld. Quetzalcoatal(Kakuclan) was the God of peace. He took shape of a feathered serpent
but appeared as a white bearded man. The Mayans believed that every person had an
animal companion spirit. It was believed that they could transform into their animal. All kings would have an animal companion of a jaguar.
The Mayans often made sacrifices to the Gods. Most were just offerings
of food but some were human sacrifices. They did not sacrifice their own people but, rather, prisoners or captives of war. Another form of human sacrifice was Bloodletting.
The Mayans cut themselves to make it bleed. They did this because they
thought it nourished the Gods and that it enabled them to connect with
their animal spirits. Animal Spirits Sacrifices Cermonies and Beliefs Gods Chac was the rain God. He associated with creation and life. I hope you learned a lot from this! Thanks! :) By:Kelsey Lints
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