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sara pardy

on 27 April 2012

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Transcript of Gymnastics

GYMNASTICS!!! olympics/meets! how it was developed/history the gymnasium was invented by the greek. romans practiced gymnastics in the gymnaium gymnastics has been around scince ancient times gymnastics started in Greece, in the city of Athens. nobody knows how gymnastics started the olympics started in greece in 776 B.C.
allthough, gymnastics wasn't in it.
Not untill 1896 was it in the olympics! back then, gymnastics involved
wrestling, jumping, rope climbing, and throwing. By: Sara Pardy back then only men could compete. if a woman got caught trying to watch a compotition
they would get in huge trouble... a posible punishment could be death. after the fall of the roman empires,
gymnatics vanished for a couple hundred years. eqiupment: pommmel horse: in the ancient times soldiers used to use pommel horses to practice getting on and off usually guys are the ones who use pommel horses they take a bit of muscle i guess from a girls pint of veiw
she would say it looks so easy to
do. sub topics: how it was developed/history olympics/meets equipment famous gymnasts the reason why women couldent compete was because men where aloud to compete in the nude gymnastics wasn't a very competitive sport back then. not very many meadals where handed out, unlike today beam: usually a girl would use a beam beam involves strenght, flexabiliy, and balance but there are many moves on the beam here is an example of someone doing their beam routine... bars: wall bar parallel bar un-even bar high bar the high bar is ment for guys, and so are the parallel bars. the un-even bars are used by girls, and the wall bar is ment for both boys and girls. the wall bar is ment for stretching/conditioning... you can use the high bar to stretch too, but it's mostly for doing routines. the un-even bar can be moved around so it is your hight... that way it's easier to use. On the higher bar it goes to about 7 feet tall, and the shorter one is almost 5 feet! like the pommel horse, the parallel bars take a lot of muscle. floor: floor is one of the most popular events in gymnastics both boys and girls use the floor here is an example of someone doing their floor routine... on the floor there are lines around it, in the olympics, if your foot went outside if the line that would take away a piont. famous gymnasts! one of the most famous gymnasts is Anges Keleti Agnes had 10 olympic medals before defecting to the west in 1956. another famous gymnast was Larissa Latynina she was the most influential gymnast before being a gymnast Larissa was a ballarina she made it look like she was doing mens gymnastics because of her physical strenghth! she won five meadals for the 1956 olympics. Then she won a meadal for every event in the 1960 olympics and again in the 1964 olympics! she believed her risky maneuvers and rouines emphasizing raw athleticism were antithetial to gymnastics Olga Korbut, another gymnast, didn't look like a grown up at all! Olga lacked the powerful, flowing lines of her more mature team mates she wore pigtails knotted with colorful yarn she even had the termitity to smile at the audience too! she did things on the beam that no one had ever seen before she did some imaginative floor exercises that delighted the crowd she flew through the air on the vualt and seemed unfettered by the gravity on the un-even bars. when she hert herself, the camera always followed her to the sideline, where she sobbed uncontrolably. Nelli Kim bristled at the special privlages Olga demanded and got Nadia Comancy earned seven perfact 10s and three gold meadals but no as captivatingly as Olga! Nadia was super athletic and fearless. She did moves that no one would ever try! bibliography: The Best of the Best in Gymnastics, Rachel Rutledge, pg. 4-13, 1999 Kids Info Bits, gymnastics, Kelley,Stephanie, pg. 1, 2011 gymnastics history, pg. 1, 2001-2011 http://www.canadianadventurecamp.com http://www.fulltwist.net/images http://www.flickr.com http://www.teamforce.wikispaces.com/images http://www.worldsportchicago.org/images http://www,robbinssports.com/images http://www,duffieldmed.co.uk/images http://www.gaofeiwym.win.mofcom.gov.cn/images http://www.arch.expo.com/images http://www.jewishsports.net/images the end!!!
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