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Copy of Mood Board - Ben & Jerry's brand

Using a visual collage of images that represent Ben & Jerry's brand identity prism.

leonardo costa

on 30 January 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Mood Board - Ben & Jerry's brand

PHYSIQUE RELATIONSHIP REFLECTION PERSONALITY CULTURE SELF-IMAGE Introduction Belch, Kerr and Powell (2012) define brand identity as:
"The image that comes to mind when consumers think about a brand."

The importance of brand identity draws upon the brand's unique benefits, roots and heritage that the sender wishes to project. Its brand identity expresses the brand's tangible and intangible characteristics, in which without it the brand's identity becomes meaningless. BEN &JERRY´S Back on 1966 bought a $5 correspondence course in ice cream making. They opened a shop and rapidly became popular in the local community for the finest ice cream. Ben had no sense of taste so he relied on what he called ‘mouth feel’, so big chunks of chocolate, fruit and nut became their signature

The company grew based on three strong missions, commitment with quality, society and stakeholders, becoming the trademark of the business. In 2000 the business was sold to Unilever for $326 million that decide not to change the business platform According to Kapferer (2008), brand identity can be defined by the following dimensions:
Self-image The 'physique' dimension consists of the external tangible characteristics. The 'physique' dimension is known as the tangible added value of a brand's product which includes the product's packaging and look. It is created from the sender's perspective.

Applied to Ben & Jerry's brand:
Colorful design, packaging and logo.
Flagship product : quality and tasty icecream with natural products
Diversified and original range of products The 'relationship' dimension considers the brand's transactions and exchanges with people. The 'relationship ' facet has a number of implications for the way the brand acts, delivers and relates to its customers.

Ben & Jerry's relationship dimension could be described as :
Social : relates by offering ice cream from friends to friends
Exciting : delivers happiness, strong emotions attached to the products
Fraternal : connectivity all around the planet A brand is a customer reflection.
Reflection is like an external mirror. It is how the consumer wishes to be seen and perceived when using the brand. Therefore, it is important that companies control and improve the product's reflection in order to sustain a strong brand image.

How the individual in the intended group of customers identify himself as a person in relation to the brand (Kochhar 2007)

Young middle age group
Educated people, professional
Quality awareness A brand has a personality.
The 'personality' dimensions describes what characteristics the product would have if it was a real person, that is the human personality traits it would inherit.

As a human, Ben & Jerry's personality traits can be described as:
Farmer and cow lover
"Hippie style"( Peace and Love)
Family Person
Loves sweet
Sincere and generous The 'culture' dimension are the basic principles governing and representing the brand. A brand's culture is a means of communication and is a set of values feeding the brand's inspiration.

The culture of Ben & Jerry´s is proudly represented as:
Make best possible ice cream in the nicest possible way
Social mission
Quality mission
Economic mission Through our attitude towards certain brands, we develop a certain type of inner relationship with ourselves and the brand image we want to project. It is the target consumer's own internal mirror.

Ben and Jerry's inner relationship with the target consumer makes the target consumer feel:

- Custumers would reflect on BJ´s´ founders: genuine and real
- Low-fat and low-sugar ice-creams for healthy people
- Activist: act toward the common good by promoting the positive change Company was founded by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield in 1966 producing ice cream that became popular for the big chunks of chocolate, fruits and nuts in the recipe and for its quality.
The company focuses on "Make best possible ice cream in the nicest possible way"
It is committed to quality, social responsibility and its stakeholders benefits.

The rest, as they say, is history. Branding Assignment Group A - Team 3 :
Amandine Chevallereau, Sergio Bertolin, Leonardo Costa, Camille Forbes, Eduardo Garciía
1st of February 2013
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