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My favorite number project!!

No description

Meredith Randall

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of My favorite number project!!

The number I chose to do for the project is 41.
Why I chose to do 41...
I chose this number because it's my jersey number in basketball!!
Is it a square number?
No. Its not a square number.
First 10 multiples of 41!
41, 82, 123, 164, 205, 246, 287, 328, 369, 410
Interesting facts
about 41!
Year 41 B.C. was the year that the Julian calender is believed to have been created (the calender that we use today!)
My favorite number project!!
By: Meredith Randall
Homeroom: Mrs Barnard
Color group:

The roman numeral for 41 is XLI.
The Binary number for 41 is 101001
Would it be a good first move in
the Factor Game?
I think it would be a good first move in the Factor Game
but only if you go first. Its a prime number so the amount of points the other player gets is 1 point to start off with.(prime numbers are numbers that the only factors are 1 and itself. A composite number is the opposite. The number of factors in a composite number are always above 2 factors.)
My number, 41, isn't
by anything other that itself and 1. Thus forth, no number when multiplied can get a
of 41 (Except when you multiply 1 and 41 together).
Factors of my number.
The factors of my number are only 1 and 41.
41 is odd. I know its odd because 1 is odd and since 1 is in 41, its odd.
The number I chose to compare 41 with is 38. The
of 41 and 38 is 1
Prime factorization
The prime factorization of 41 is 1 times 41= 41
What is a square number?
A square number is a number that has a set of factors that is the same exact number. Example: 9. 3x3=9. 9 is a square number!
Is it odd or even??
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