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Megan B step by step x <3

step by step our eden x

Megan Bailey

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Megan B step by step x <3

Our Edenx First of all we went outside and took some photos of plants, leaves and trees. Then we went on the
computers and went on
2d design and created
our main design by turning
and flipping the picture
That we chose.
Then we did a practice
piece of sewing and sewed other materials on to that piece. Then we drew the shape
that we printed of the
computer on to tracing
paper. Then we
cut the tracing paper up and got some fabric and pinned it together. Then we got some
wool and started to
couch it. Then got a piece of material and put some of my cut out bits on to it and sowed it on . Then we couched our piece. couching is when you add a piece of material and put it anywhere like make some squiggles with cotton so it gives you a 3d effect. Then we attached handles
to our bag. Then finally we added
some sequins
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