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Relatable Posts!

This is my relatable posts presentation for HON 394.

Lindsey Gilman

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Relatable Posts!

Relatable Posts and Their Relation to Humor

Lindsey Gilman
HON 394 What are "Relatable Posts"? They can be found in virtually any social media network, like Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Each post follows the same format: the words "Relatable Post" orr"Teenage Post", "That Awkward Moment When", and LOL So True", followed by either just a statement or a statement and an applicable picture. What do they illustrate about humor? The prevalence of them in social media networks is a strong testimony to how effective they are.

The people posting them online varied in age, ethnicity, and educational background.

For instance, there are entire blogs and websites dedicated to posting, commenting, and creating Relatable Posts.


http://so-relatable.tumblr.com Relatable Humor in Action
(Its Precursor) Relatable humor can be found in a lot of stand-up comedy and late night talk shows, where comedians give jokes based on everyday life occurrences, like Ellen Degeneres, Mike Birbiglia, and Kevin James. These standup shows usually poke fun at how people take life too seriously or overdramatize everyday situations. Some Examples! More Examples Type of humor Relatable Posts Use Sarcasm, irony, accidental humor, self-disparagement, strategic wordplay seem to be the prevalent humorous methods used in relatable posts.

Rather than poking fun at a specific person, the humor can usually be cross-generational in that the viewer simply has to be aware of what life experience the post is referring to. Common Life Experiences The posts tend to focus particularly on school or college, relationships, issues related to appearance, social media, childhood peculiarities, and just random happenings that one does not always have control over.

Each of these issues can be relatable to many different groups of people, since everyone was once a child, and most people have either been in a relationship or experienced some embarrassing moment that others have as well. The End! More Common Life Experiences Some bloggers on Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest said that they like to post relatable posts because can they give the viewer a sense of belonging and camaraderie, even the inspiration to invoke one’s own comedic talents.

Bloggers posting relatable posts vary in age, educational background, and ethnicity, showing once again how despite varying demographics, relatable posts are capable of reaching virtually any audience.

<http://relatableposts.tumblr.com/> An Important Aspect Relatable posts are usually void of vulgarity, ill feelings toward a specific individual or group, and harsh animosity.

Their point is not single out a particular group of people negatively, use harsh language to make a point, which could lower their popularity, especially for older generations.
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