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AMDM-Family Affects Of Alcohol

Project- Tuesday

Elier Rodriguez

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of AMDM-Family Affects Of Alcohol

Do your parents Drink Do you drink? How Much ? Does it Affect the Family Drugs Affect Families? Tension , Conflicts , Violence Alcohol Alcohol Alcohol THE PROJECT AMDM MICHEAL
ELIER Conflict HURT THE OBSERVATIONS The effect of Alcohol between Parents, Married or Divorced that either Drink or do not Drink, in their relationship with their The Hypothesis We Believed that the most
affected Families by
alcohol would be the
Divorced families that consumed alcohol The Plan We Decided On Three MAin Q's Essential for our surveys and DATA Do your parents drink Alcohol? Are Your Parents divorced? Does consumption of Alcohol Break communication between your parents due to violence ,tension etc.? Answer Choices YES _____

No _____ Answer Choices YES _____

No _____ Answer Choices Never


Excessively 100 people were Surveyed After PLan Graphing THe DATA By Making a PIE GRAPH Graphing PLan 1. First Married Divorced 2. 2. 3. 3. YES- 30
NO - 10 = 40 =60 YES- 35
NO - 25 =30 =35 Never- 16
Excessively-4 Never- 12
Excessively-10 Conclusion According to the data displayed below: Teens that have Divorced Parents That drink Alcohol , contributes to the loss of communication and/or relationship between the parents and their sons or Daugthers But thats Just Statistics! MAke a Diffrence Stand out And Use Your Parents Faults not as Problems But stepping stones to be all that you can be. BEER
Corona The TRUTH?
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