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Family Activities in The Early 1900s

language arts visual

maddie evans

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Family Activities in The Early 1900s

School In the early 1900s a lot of kids didn't go to school, and those who did were only taught the basics of math and science. The school was usually made up of one big room, a chalkboard, a couple of books, and just one teacher. Today, schools are much bigger with more supplies and more teachers. Schools have advanced so much because of the need for a good education. What did children in the early 1900s do for entertainment compared to what they do today? Games Toys Maddie Evans Period 5/6 Language Arts Kids in the early 1900s played card games, board games, and singing games. Today kids play with electronics like Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and computers, or laptops. In the early 1900s kids would make their own toys. Girls would make dolls, and boys would make slings to fire small stones. They also played with wooden tops, marbles, and dowels. A dowel is a wooden hoop and a stick. Today, in 2012, kids play with electronics. Some electronics that kids play with would be the leapfrog tablet, it helps kids learn while allowing them to have fun and playing games. There is also the iPod touch, and iPad. Children in the early 1900s did not exercise as a necessity or as something that was needed for health reasons. They didn't have to set aside a certain time to workout. They already got enough exercise playing games and running around outside in the heat. Many kids got a lot of exercise by swimming in ponds nearby. Today we exercise by using equipment, and machines. Exercise
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