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Social Media - A Real Estate Business Strategy

No description

liz landry

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Media - A Real Estate Business Strategy

"We no longer have a choice on whether we DO social media; the question is HOW WELL we do it."

-Erik Qualman
Things you should know about me....
-The Communication Shift
-Building Your Social Media Brand
-Social Outlets for Real Estate Agents
-Big Business-Low Cost Lead Generation
-Tech Tools
-Q & A
This is the first listing I ever Sold!
Sold at full asking price of $189,000
Closed on 6/29/07
Just 23 Days on the market
I love cheese....
...and funny socks
"I could take my real estate career to the next level if I would just...."
I encourage and appreciate class participation. So speak up!
I worked a seven mile stretch of road.
I don't know what I would do without my iPod.
I want you to grow your business.
More importantly, I believe you can.
Over 50% of the worlds population is under the age of 30
The Social Media Revolution
96% of them are on social networks
Generation X and Y consider email passe
What are they saying about your brand?
25% of search results for the worlds Top 20 brands are links to user generated content.
78% of people trust a peer recommendation, only 14% trust an advertisement.
It is still about building relationships!
Transparency is inevitable
Your brand identity...
Who are you?
What do you stand for?
How would others describe you?
What market do you want to work?
Who is your target audience?
How would you describe yourself?
Why are you valid?
Personal Profile Pages
Your 1,000 Words
Stictly Business
Making Touches Count
Who are you speaking to with your status updates?
What now?
-Like a:
Comment (new)
-Comment on:
-Share a link
-Post on a friends wall
-Send a DM
Tag - Your It!
Recognize Others
@Liz Landry
-To hold attention of
-To induce to participate
-To bring together or interlock
Make the most of your status updates and speak to the audience who it is meant for.
Fan Pages
Currently home to more then 200 million users over 200 countries
With one person joining approximately every second, over 80% of companies now turn to LinkedIn as their primary source of hiring.
-Swanepoel Social Media Report 2010
Must Do's
-Build your online resume: this includes current/past job experience, education, awards and designations.
-Recommend Others: this is the key way to build relationships
-Answers: LinkedIn's most powerful tool where you can both ask questions, and provide expert answers for others.
*You can also be featured as the "best answer" by the person who
posted the question.
Create Your Channel
Your "channel" is a centralized place where anyone can see your public videos, favorites, comments, subscribers, video log, bulletin status and recent activity.
What To Post
-Video Testimonials
-Property Listing Tours
-Real Estate Reports
-Community Events
-Short Information Clips
-Listing Presentation
-Local Interviews
Be natural and unstaged in your videos. The public is attracted to the human quality of unedited video.
Keep it short and simple. Although YouTube allows for up to 15 minutes of video now; studies show that the average consumers viewership drops almost 75% after just 3 minutes.

.... humor is also always a good thing.
Web log
Blog: Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site
Planned Title
Valid Content
Embedded Video
The Anatomy of a Blog
Be intriguing with your title - catch your readers attention

Remember: Your title will set the pace for your blog

Capitalize and spell correctly!
Your content should reflect the title.

What are the current happenings in your area?

What do your readers want to hear from you?

Is the information correct?
Your reader can learn more about your hyperlinked word by
clicking it!
Which phrase would you rather learn more about?

"Click Here"
"Orange Park Homes"
HTML code is available via YouTube

Note: Be careful allowing related videos
Key way to get people back into your website

If your "social", be sure to show it!

-KW Blog(powered by TP)




-Personal Blog
For blogging to be effective, it must be a habit.
-Have a posting plan

-Rule of the scroll

-3 paragraph max

-Collect "stock" photos


-Its not all about real estate

-Use YOUR voice

-Give credit where credit is due
Whats happening?
-According to Website-Monitoring.com an overwhelming 27% of Tweets are private conversations.
-Followed by a distant 3rd place of links to news, blog articles, etc. (status updates rank 1st with 30%)

-RT- by retweeting you are validating another tweeter
and therefore building a relationship
-Hashtags are a way of entering your tweet into a certain catagory
-They also give you and other users the ability to view tweets from various people who are using the same tag

ie. #kwri #kw #raincamp #fail #quotes #socialmedia #justsayin

Todays Hashtag - #SMMastery
Interestingly, only 4% of tweets are recorded as spam

Another 4% is product complaints or recommendations
Twitter Facts
-61% of tweets are in English
-USA make up 33% of Twitter Users
-Over 30% of Twitter users have a household income of $100K+, another 28% have $60K-$100K
-Charlie Sheen - #Winning at Twitter
-41% of Twitter users have not posted a tweet since creating their account
-Only 20% of its users have tweeted over 10 times
-Thursday and Friday are the most active days on Twitter; with each accounting for 16% of the traffic
- 10-11pm EST is the most active hour on Twitter
-81% of Twitter users follow less then 100 people
-97% have less then 100 followers
Attaching a link? Make it tiny!
Target Audience:
-Past and Present Cutomers
-Sphere of Influence
-Referral Agents
What would you do to engage this audience?
Target Audience:
-Past and Present Customers
-Local Business'
-Influential Residents
What would you do to engage this audience?
Why are you seeing this ad?
This ads target audience....

-College Educated

2-3 leads a day
Target Marketing



-Relationship Status





-Friends "Fan Pages"

-Fan Pages

-Interested In
How much influence do you really have?

1000 Visitors
50 Leads
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