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Copy of Kellin Quinn

No description

martha ferniza

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Kellin Quinn


Kellin Quinn Bostwick nació el 24 de Abril de 1986 en Medford, Oregon. Sus padres son Mary y Jeuse Bostwick. sus padres se divorciarón cuando Kellin tenia solo 3 años de edad. Su padre lo avandonó 3 días antes de su cumpleaños número 4. Quinn no es el unico hijo. tiene dos hermanas y dos hermanos. Kellin tiene una banda llamada Sleeping with Sirens. El no usa su apellido, Bostwick, porque dice que le recuerda a su padre. Despues de que su padre se fue el tubo una niñez muy dura pero siguio adelante con su musica.
Quinn dice "recuerdo cantar desde que tenia memoria". Escribio su primera cancion cuando estaba en 7 grado.la cancion trata de como su vida cambio cuando su padre se fue. despues de que escribió su primera canción empezo a escribir mas. en10 grado el y sus amigos empezarón una banda, Closer to Closure.Solian tocar en su escuela en ceremonias,asambleas, etc. Ahora esta en una nueva banda llamada Sleeping With Sirens.
Kellin varios tatuajes. Sus tatuajes le recuerdan todo lo que sufrio en el pasado. tiene una nota musical en su codo que representa su carrera musical,un octavo de nota en su muñeca izquierda, una clave de fa en su muñeca derecha, un leon en su brazo que simboliza confianza, "Before You I Serve" en su pecho que representa su religio,y un candado en su corazon que representa su esposa. El candado en su corazon es un tatuaje que el y su esposa tienen para demostrarse el amor que se tienen. Katelynne, su esposa, tiene una llave en su brazo. Asi que podriamos decir que su esposa tiene la llave de su corazon.
Su vida en la escuela
Mientras Kellin estaba en la escuela no era el iño mejor portado. Aunque sus calificaciones nunca fueron debajo de 7, nunca ponia antencion en clase. Despues de que su vida fuera afectada por su padre empezo a tener problemas en la escuela. Una de las maestras de Kellin dejo que durante un examen escucharan un cd mientras presentaban un examen. Asi que kellin y sus amigos tubieron la idea de grabarse a ellos mismos diciendo las respuestas del examen. Y luego se lo vendio a sus compañeros por $30 dolares.
Esposa e Hija
Kellin y su ahora esposa, katelynne salieron por 4 años antes de casarse. se casaron el 30 de abril del 2013 en maui, Hawaii.Tubieron una hija el 18 de abril del 2012 y la llamaron Copeland Quinn Bostwick. Kellin tenia 22 años y Katelynne 21 cuando se conocieron.
How He Was Discovered
Family Relationship
Plans After His Career
Free Time
The Quinn family is an ordinary family that talks to each other almost everyday. There is 7 people in Kellin's mothers house hold. His two younger sisters, two older brothers, his step dad, and his mother. No one in the Quinn family has contact to Jeuse, the kids father. Kellin is very close to his brothers, sisters, and his mom. They all communicate at leaste 5 times out of a week. During holidays they all join together at their mother Mary's house. (We're Runnign with the Shadows of the Night)
Work Cited ...
Kellin was discovered from the videos he posted on YouTube of him and his band, Closer to Closure, singing. A producer from a big music production company emailed Kellin asking for him and his band to come to California to make their first album. Their first album was a big hit. After their first two albums Closer to Closure broke up. Kellin didn't have a hit for 6 months, but then he got a new band, Sleeping with Sirens. Their first month together they already made a new album. It was Kellin's best album yet. (Kellin-Quinn-Singer)
After Kellin's music career starts to die down he wants to focus mainly on his family. Copeland, his daughter, is his main priority 24/7. "I love my daughter so much. I want to always be their for her like my dad never was for me," he says in an interview. After baby Copeland gets older he wants to start taking her on the road with him more for tours. She has already been to a Warp Tour. A Warp Tour is a big tour where a bunch of singers get together and perform a big show. Kellin and his wife Katelynne are wanting to have another kid soon also. (Noise creep-Rock and Heavy Metal Videos, News)
When Kellin is not on tour or rehearsing he is spending time with his wife and daughter. He spends every wakening moment with his daughter. Since he is on tour for months at a time he doesn't really get to see her or his wife. He says "My main priority is on my daughter. There is never a dull moment when I'm with her," (Noise creep-Rock and Heavey Metal Videos, News).Kellin and his wife are always playing with baby Copeland. They say she starts screaming and making noises when she is outside or in the bathtub. All of them enjoy everybody's company.
Kellin has many quotes that he lives his life by. "Take what comes your way as an opportunity and not a burden! There is always a plan, sometimes it takes a little longer to understand the journey of life, but in the end everything is meant to be,"(Kellin-Quinn). He lives by his quotes and advice that he gives to fans. One of his fans sent him a fan letter and said she was going through a rough time, and said she had cut her wrists. So Kellin wrote back "Wrists are for bracelets not cutting,"(Kellin-Quinn) and a lot of other things besides that but cutting yourself is a major thing to him.
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