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Copy of Real Voices, Virtual Performing: Phenomena of Digitally-Mediated Singing

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Patrick Schmidt

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Real Voices, Virtual Performing: Phenomena of Digitally-Mediated Singing


Most Popular Video Performances
"Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry & "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars - Aug 2010 - 20.3 million views
Brent C. Talbot, Ph.D.
Gettysburg College

Stephen A. Paparo, Ph.D.
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Hartford, CT
April 6, 2013

Musical Dimensions of Virtual Choirs
Call to
Virtual Choir 1: Lux Aurumque
185 Singers from 12 Countries
Year: May 2009
Virtual Choir 2: Sleep
2052 Singers from 58 Countries
Year: April 2011
Virtual Choir 3: Water Night
2945 Singers from 73 Countries
April 2012
"Dynamite" by Taio Cruz - Sept 2010 - 13.7 million views
"Rolling in the Deep" by Adele - May 2011 - 10.7 million views
"Firework" by Katy Perry - May 2011 - 6 million views
"We Are Young" by Fun - Apr 2012 - 6.4 million views
"Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus - Dec 2009 - 3.1 million views
"Fireflies" by Owl City - May 2010 - 5.2 million views
"Misery" by Maroon 5 - Jul 2010 - 5.8 million views
"Only Girl" by Rihanna - Dec 2010 - 7.1 million views
Meanings of Participation N=376
To have an enriching musical experience 98%

To be part of something bigger than myself 96%

To contribute to a group effort 96%

To gain a sense of accomplishment 91%

To have an opportunity to sing a piece by Eric Whitacre 89%

To express myself through singing 88%

To have the excitement and thrill of presenting a concert online 86%

To work with a conductor who is the composer 81%
"I find the sense of communitas surrounding the virtual choir phenomenon fascinating. Eric Whitacre has been able to foster real community internationally, using the very tools that so often mediate and prevent real human connection in our current cultural climate. It wasn't simply a video played at the same time as another; I was a part of a community that chatted together, taught one another, troubleshot each other's problems, and cared for choir members who shared personal troubles. We were more than strangers in a virtual world; we were individuals learning to navigate the new global landscape."

– 23-29 American female professional mezzo
“To prove to myself that a person can be a positive contributor in a project in spite of hearing and vision disability."

"To inspire others who have a disability to participate in life.”

– 60-69 American female amateur mezzo
"To be digitally trendy!"
– 50-59 American female amateur soprano
Virtual Choir
Remixes others' performances of a single composition
Traditional choral music
Includes thousands of singers
Participant dependent
Creates online community
Remixes oneself other people's works
Popular music
Autonomous music making
Creates online following
Videos can be used as instructional tools of how to arrange.
Students could be assigned to create their own videos; officers could be in charge of marketing & promotion.
Videos can be used as assessment tools to improve instruction (address vocal development and health)
Use of technology as a tool in the music classroom can promote and reinforce all of the reasons that people participate in music in the first place.
Extend musical engagement beyond the classroom
- 50-59 professional soprano from the US
- 50-59 year old American amateur alto
Virtual Choir Performances
- 50-59 professional soprano from the US
- 50-59 year old American amateur alto
Choral music becomes relevant to student lived-experiences.
Opportunity to sing with a group regardless of one’s location, physical and/or vocal abilities.
Participants are engaged in self-directed learning process.
Sense of belonging to a global community.
Participants help each other learn pieces, trouble shoot technological issues, and emotionally support one another outside of music.
Musical Dimensions of Multitrack A Cappella Videos
"I teach elementary general music and I wanted to show my 5th grade students an example of how choral music has moved into the 21st century - these choirs and the resulting videos gave us a completely new insight and meaning to what a performing group can be. All spring, I had the 5th graders explore how to answer the question:  Who is a musician in the 21st century?  What a wonderful lesson this was for them...the day I showed them the choir I was in, they watched the entire video mesmerized... Needless to say, it was a very powerful lesson for all of us!"
- 50-59 Professional Soprano from the US
"There are too many vocal groups out there right now that instill too much pressure on the audition process, in my opinion. Virtual Choir allows everyone to sing regardless of how good you are and for those who may not have been accepted into audition-only groups, this gives them a sense of pride, accomplishment, and inspiration."

- 18-22 American male Bass
Multitrack A Cappella Singing
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