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GCL Cash Flow Enhancement Model

Kinetic Credit Facility to payoff mortgage.

John Symmes

on 2 September 2012

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Transcript of GCL Cash Flow Enhancement Model

John Symmes
Kinetic Strategic Group

Cell: (480) 268-5932

Local: (480) 526-7367

john.symmes@kinetic-sg.com Investment Property
Cash flow Enhancement Strategies using a Kinetic Investment Based Credit Facility. The Lending Guidelines for refinancing Condotel Water Park Resort based properties has become more stringent. Some owners are faced with a pending balloon payment and / or may be paying above market interest rates. Current solutions including: Doing nothing.

In some instances the banks are customer service “friendly” enough to simply extend the above market interest rates
charging 6% or even 7%. Doing a “cash in” refinance lowering the current mortgage balance to acceptable Loan to Value ratios. In addition to the forced liquidation of assets, there are typically points and closing costs. Is there another option? Yes! Use the Kinetic Investment based Credit Facility to reduce or payoff current mortgage.
Here is a typical scenario. Purchase a Glacier Canyon Lodge condo for $359,000 with a 10% initial investment and an original mortgage of $323,900. Current mortgage is at 6% with a monthly payment of $1,942. Attempts to refinance or modify rates have gone for naught. The benefits of the Kinetic Plan.
Own real estate Free & Clear.
No liquidation of Investment Assets.
Increased cash flow of $2,563 per month. Check out the BEFORE and AFTER. So what’s the next action step? Perform a quick self-check. Self-Check.
Do I have investment assets equal to or greater than 133% of my CURRENT mortgage balance?
Can I meet the accredited investor threshold?
No appraisal or credit qualifying required. Curious and interested in more information?
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